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The United States Constitution, on this date, achieved its 236th anniversary. Pretty impressive when you realize that the average age of a constitution anywhere else in the world is about seventeen years. The U.S. Constitution was signed September 17, 1787. Constitution Day commemorates that tremendous day. As Mr. Constitution, for me the importance of celebrating the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution is tremendous, for we are not just observing an anniversary of the signing of a document, but we are recognizing the creation of the greatest political system ever conceived.

The Constitution of the United States was designed to stand the test of time, and as I have indicated, it has indeed endured over two centuries. Second only to the Holy Bible, it is the greatest document ever written. And, our system of government not only has been a great thing for America over the years, but it has also served as an object of admiration by peoples around the world.

In 1824, Mexico wrote their own constitution that was largely based on ours.  Dictator Santa Anna, however, hated it, and slaughtered Mexicans standing up for the 1824 Mexican constitution, drawing the United States into the conflict which ultimately led to the Mexican-American War, which was a war of liberation for the territories in what is today the southwestern United States – a region that invited American settlers, and later troops so as to stand against Santa Anna’s bloody vision of Mexico’s future.

People ask me when the attacks against America’s constitution began, and I tell folks, “Before the ink was dry.” The campaign against the United States Constitution began even before the conflict to save Mexico’s territories from tyranny, but those attacks against the U.S. Constitution began internally, largely through judicial activism originally led by John Marshall.  Liberal theorists and activist judges have created an environment where the very foundations of this federal republic have been seriously undermined, and are in grave danger. This country’s core principles have been denigrated, and the Constitution has been twisted through their anti-originalism interpretation so as the bend and mold the Constitution into their Marxist leftist agenda, regardless of the original intent of the writer’s of the document.

A Liberty Movement, however, is afoot. Americans have realized that a direct assault has been launched against our founding document, largely visible through their hatred of Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States.

The violent hate for the Constitution by the progressive commie left is becoming more and more apparent with each passing day. They target those who support the principles of the document, jailing them as we have seen in the case of the tyrannical targeting of those who were present at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. The enemies of the Constitution usurp it, maladminister their positions despite it, and seek to destroy everything that the Constitution stands for. Through their political and cultural power they seek to destroy the republic, transform America into a democracy, and ultimately seek to render our liberty moot and unattainable as their system of oligarchy joins a global conspiracy to enslave the peoples of the world.

The fight to save liberty is more important than ever before. For the people of this age, September 17th must be among the most important days of the year. Constitution Day is not just another day, but an important observation of the day that the greatest governing document ever created was signed. And while we celebrate that signing, it must also guide us toward educating ourselves about America’s founding principles, and then encourage us to become advocates for liberty, and a restoration of the original intent of the United States Constitution.

“We the People” are the first words of the Preamble of the Constitution for a reason. We are the keepers of liberty. We are the defenders of what is right and true. It is on our shoulders to do what we can to ensure that the enemies of liberty are defeated. The Constitution was designed to limit the powers of the federal government specifically for the purpose of empowering the voice of the minority, and ensuring that tyranny could never gain footing in our country. We have failed in that task. Tyranny is afoot, and the enemy is not only at the gate, they have possession of the gate-clicker. People who hate America and this country’s heritage roam the Halls of Government, and then (as we’ve seen with the January Sixers) are willing to use their power against us if we dare to question their position, their alleged authority, and their practices in government, and during elections. We must understand that there is an all-out assault against the Constitution, and we must take action to restore the original principles of the Constitution. We must be the generation that stands in the face of tyranny, and defeats it. We must be the generation that stares down the enemy, and creates a tipping point that launches a new journey — one that restores the Constitution, and leads us back to liberty.

The Constitution has endured for over 200 years, and its enduring integrity cannot be taken for granted. We must be educated regarding the Constitution’s principles, and we must fight to preserve the Constitution, for our nation’s future depends on it. Join me in the fight. Join this site, support our efforts, and let’s defeat the anti-American scourge that has been gripping our country and seeks to tear us apart at the foundation of what America is all about.

God Bless America, and my friends, God Bless You for being in the fight. A movement has started, and we are that movement.

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    Keep up the good fight…and glad the SHTF didn’t while we were away!

    1. This is unbelievable but more evidence cars were sold to Germany from China than any other country!!?
      Now I see why your gas is far to costly????

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