Instructor: Douglas V. Gibbs

Constitution Classes by Douglas V. Gibbs began in Temecula in 2008, originally in the classroom at Faith Armory, a local gun store.  After Faith Armory closed their doors a few years ago, unable to survive in the anti-gun climate in California, the Temecula class migrated to the Republican Party Headquarters in a different part of town.

In 2015 we launched a class in Corona, as well.  That class is held at CARSTAR/AllStar Collision’s upstairs classroom.

Due to the coronavirus scamdemic, and fears of repercussions by local and State officials by the landlords of the venues, we have been unable to hold our classes.  However, now we are back.

Beginning June 24, 2020, the Temecula Class will gather at 6:00 pm.  On Tuesday, June 30, the Corona Class will resume operations.  The class is free, and all are welcome.  While I tend to attract conservatives, and Republicans, this is essentially a non-partisan class.  It is about the U.S. Constitution and the original intent by the Framers, not political ideology.

Here is the current and upcoming schedule for all classes:

  • Corona: Tuesdays, 6-7 pm, CARSTAR/AllStar Collision, 522 Railroad Street, Corona.
  • Temecula: Wednesdays, 6-7 (may possibly change to 5:30 – 6:30 soon), GOP HQ, 28120 Jefferson Avenue in Temecula.
  • Banning: 3rd Thursday Evening of each month, integrated into the Banning-Beaumont-Cherry Valley Tea Party monthly meeting, 5:00 pm start, Farmshouse Restaurant, 6261 Joshua Palmer Way, Banning.
  • Beaumont: The Four Seasons community has asked that classes begin soon in their neck of the woods.  We are still working on setting up times and days.
  • Menifee: A family has asked that I conduct classes in their community.  I once led classes in Menifee, and if enough folks want the class back, I will be glad to provide the service.
  • Fallbrook: A Republican Women’s group in Fallbrook has asked that we commence classes in that community.  The day and time has yet to be established.
  • YouTube: My Constitution Study program, according to plans, will provide a series of videos going through the entire Constitution.
  • Online: An interactive online program is being written for me at this moment.  The plan is to launch the platform some time this year, likely with either no cost associated, or a $1 registration for the purpose of helping fund the effort.
  • I am available as a public speaker for short presentations, or seminars.  Contact me at constitutionspeaker at for more information.

As we return to our Temecula and Corona classes, the first meeting for each of them will be about what has been going on with the coronavirus and the domestic violence we have been seeing in our cities.  In the second meeting we will resume where we left off in our studies.  Key points to keep in mind regarding the current world situation:

  • In Portland the radicals toppled a statue of Thomas Jefferson and spray painted “slave owner” on it as it lay on the ground.  Thomas Jefferson was an abolitionist who hated slavery.  Most of the slaves he owned he had inherited and he did not have the funding to legally free them, as the laws required.  He did, however, on occasion, purchase slaves, usually to keep families together when he saw at an auction that different buyers were interested in the different parts of a family.  He treated his slaves as family, never wishing them to feel “owned” or that they were “property.”  In fact, on one occasion after returning home from a diplomatic mission to Europe, upon seeing his arrival, his slaves ran to the bottom of the hill cheering, lifted him up, and carried him up to the house.  Those who forget, ignore, or purposely destroy history become fools who know little, and in the long run, as the old saying goes, will be destined to repeat that history.
  • The KKK was a militant arm of the Democrat Party who terrorized blacks and white republicans.  BLM is a militant arm of the Democrat Party who terrorizes whites and black republicans.
  • The first amendment does not come with a caveat that says “unless there’s a virus,” “unless it offends someone,” or “unless it is considered hateful by some people.”  Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of peaceful assembly, and Freedom to Petition the government for a redress of grievances are all Natural Rights given to us by God.
  • The Second Amendment was put in place so that we may defend the union against tyranny.
  • In 1775 the English Colonies, while fighting the Revolutionary War, was hit with a Small Pox epidemic.  In successfully handling the disease they did not require face coverings, they did not mandate the closure of businesses, they did not quarantine the healthy, and the inoculation was not mandatory for anyone except new recruits into the militias who would be fighting in the Revolution. Herd immunity shortened the time the disease was hitting the communities, and once people had contracted it, when it came back their immune systems were stronger and the communities fought off the disease with ease during those later outbreaks.  The mortality rate was about 10%.  New studies are showing that the mortality rate of COVID-19 is about 0.05%, and lower.
  • Governors who are mandating through executive orders regarding the coronavirus or the domestic violence we have been experiencing have no authority to make law, therefore their orders are recommendations if not accompanied by legislation.
  • Governors who claim that their legislature gave them the power to legislate are acting unconstitutionally.  The U.S. Constitution and every State constitution, when referring to legislative powers, uses the word “vested” when referring to those powers being given to the legislature.  “Vested” means a granting of power, and that that power is irrevocable.  Therefore, it is unlawful for the legislature to give away their legislative authorities to the executive.
  • There are no authorities in State or federal constitutions allowing government to mandate that you wear a particular type of clothing, including face coverings, arm bands, or yellow stars.
  • There are no authorities in the State or federal constitutions authorizing government to quarantine the healthy.  If someone is at high risk, or is visibly symptomatic, they may be quarantined, but all others should be able to make those decisions themselves.  Benjamin Franklin said that those willing to sacrifice liberty for safety deserve neither.
  • The 14th Amendment disallows States from making laws interfering with our life, liberty, or property without due process, and the last time I checked, a virus is not due process.
  • The Constitution specifically does not allow government to interfere with contracts, including employment contracts, no matter what, despite the presence of a virus, or domestic violence.
  • Face coverings are unhealthy because they restrict oxygen intake.  Don’t take my word for it, that’s an OSHA rule.  The following video demonstrates: GO TO VIDEO.
  • The Surgeon General has stated that face coverings do not protect you from the coronavirus, it is basically a cough shield to protect against you launching the virus into the air.
  • The eyes are more likely to contract the virus if it is in the air than your mouth and nose.
  • Stay at home orders have been deadly, increasing instances of depression three-fold, and the instances of suicide have quadrupled.
  • Since April the number of deaths by coronavirus have dropped ninety percent.
  • The total number of deaths due to the coronavirus have been padded, and a nurse told me that her hospital receives $31,000 per death certificate showing COVID-19 as the cause of death.
  • A number of nurses have told me that the feared coronavirus overload of patients never came.  Most hospitals are currently at about a third of capacity.
  • While some people are alarmed that the number of coronavirus cases in some areas have spiked according to the news media, anti-body studies and going through the numbers indicates that very few cases are symptomatic, and your chance of dying from the coronavirus is less than the chance of being struck by lightning (240,000 people per year are injured by lightning strikes, and the odds of being hit by lightning is 0.333%).  Even the CDC has admitted their error, and now has the mortality rate for those under 50 at 0.05%.  The spikes in new cases are actually good news, for if more people get the disease, and the high percentage of asymptomatic cases holds, it will ensure that the virus will be gone quickly because it will run out of people to infect, and that if it returns mutated and stronger, more people will have the immunity to fight it off.
  • Article IV., Section 4 of the Constitution grants authority to the federal government to use whatever means is necessary to quell domestic violence.
  • The First Amendment states that we have a natural right to “peaceably assemble.”
  • Article IV., Section 4 states that the federal government has the authority to ensure each State has a republican form of government.  Not a pure democracy, nor the Marxist socialist type of system being called for by the radicals in the streets.
  • The federal government has the authority to stop any foreign entrants into this country for any reason, which includes illegal aliens and the coronavirus.  Therefore, immigration restrictions and restrictions on inbound travel from other countries by the Trump administration are completely constitutional.
  • The United States does not have systemic racism.  If we did, Obama would never have pulled off a victory as President of the United States, and the black protesters would have faced worse than rubber bullets and tear gas.  In fact, the poorest people in the United States, including non-whites, live better than over 85% of the people in the rest of the world.
  • To abolish police would be to abolish law and order.  To abolish law and order would be to abolish the rule of law.  If you abolish the rule of law, you abolish freedom.
  • Radicals claim that evidence of systemic racism is revealed when one recognizes that a disproportionate number of jail bookings and a disproportionate number of people in the homeless community are black.  That is not because of racism, it is the result of a disproportionate number of people in that community committing crimes or refusing to participate in our free market.  If one does the research, one may discover that the foundation of the problems stem partially from a breakdown of the family unit in the black community.  If the father is not in the home, the chance of the family living in poverty skyrockets.  This phenomenon in the black community can be directly traced as being a consequence of government programs that encourages, through benefits, the break-up of the family.  These policies were put in place by the Democrat Party.  Take note, also, that poverty, crime, poor education, and so forth are present at the worst levels in communities that have been under Democrat Party control for half of a century, or longer.
  • The protesters, rioters, and radical politicians are calling for “equity” in our society.  Equity kills freedom.  Equity takes away the wonderful differences each of us have from each other.  Equality, if used in the manner provided by the Declaration of Independence, means that we are equal in the eyes of God, and in the eyes of the law.  Otherwise, our paths are ours to make.  Some finish higher than others not because there is something wrong with the system, but because of various factors that have been affected by our decisions, placement, location, and so forth.  It is in our power to change those things, if they are not satisfactory.  It can be hard work, and for some it may be harder than for others, but the opportunity is there in a free market.  Those opportunities go away in a socialist system, leaving everybody in equity … or should I say, “equally miserable.”
—  Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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