By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

As the members of the caravan from Central America arrived in Tijuana, Mexican residents did not exactly receive them happily.

And it turns out, contrary to the liberal left’s claims, the caravan participants are largely punks. . . rock-throwing violent types with ties to drug cartels, gangs, and other unsavory groups.
On Fox News, one Mexican was caught on camera, “dangerous people, America must close the door.”
The hundreds of caravan migrants are only the beginning of a coming invasion, and they clashed heavily with Tijuana residents.
While the leftist coordinated and funded invasion force is claiming asylum, Trump says, “We’re going to be prepared.  Nobody’s coming in.”
Immigration officials believe the number of migrants coming to Tijuana could reach 10,000 by years end.

The caravan in Tijuana includes Hondurans, Guatemalans, Nicaraguans and Salvadorans. It is made up of gangs, unskilled rejects, and transgender men and women.  In other words, the low end of society.  Why would we want Central America’s worst in our country?

As tensions mount at the border, President Trump is not taking the invasion lightly, and is expected to close down the border entry points entirely.   According to international law, asylum seekers should be accepted in the first country they arrive into, which, in this case, is Mexico.  Whether they have a claim on entry to America, or not, President Trump’s plan is to have the asylum seekers wait for the news about where they can go while in Mexico.  In the face of the invasion, the President is pushing harder for wall funding, considering it an important national security item.  The invaders are at the gate.  Do our Congress critters have the intestinal fortitude and the spine to get the wall funding in place before the Democrats take control in January?

Once again, if these people are such a problem, why would we want them in our country?  I am pro-immigration, but I want people to come who add to the melting pot, and are willing to go through the process legally.
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