By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The Democrats have a history of hypocrisy.

I remember many years ago reading about a city council member in San Francisco successfully proposing and enacting a city ordinance that basically said that all public easements were open to the homeless.  This meant that the homeless could sleep on any sidewalk since it was technically not owned by any private entity.  A conservative activist decided to see how serious the city council member was about his bleeding heart law.  The activist dressed up as a homeless person, and pitched a tent on the sidewalk right in front of the posh home of the city council member.  In response, the liberal Democrat called the police to have the person removed from in front of his house.

When Congress passed Obamacare during Barack Obama’s presidency, while they believed it was appropriate to commit the American population to the government controlled move towards socialized medicine that may eventually destroy the private insurance and medical industry, the members of Congress added a provision to the law that made them exempt from it.

Now, during the George Floyd riots, sports journalist Chris Palmer reminded us once again of the liberal left’s world of hypocrisy where the attitude is “what is good for thee is not good for me.”  On Twitter Palmer captioned a burning building, which was an under-construction apartment complex for very low income tenants, writing, “Burn that sh** down.  Burn it all down.”  Three nights later his gated community was under attack by rioters, and after it was over he Tweeted, “Welp. They’re gone. Security called the cops and they swarmed. Some scattered, others were arrested. (You hate to see it.) Tense moments. There’s graffiti everywhere. We live in a beautiful, safe community and have pride. These people had no pride and weren’t protesters.”

Later on, after receiving criticism for his change of tune when it came to his own neighborhood, he responded, “I did not know it was low income housing for many. That was my mistake. I do not endorse property destruction of any kind. Real protestors don’t loot. Peaceful protest is the only way. Be safe. God Bless.”

I believe his backtrack was simply because it was “affordable housing”, and he endorses in his mind the destruction of private property, especially the kind that belongs to business owners and persons of significant wealth, a.k.a. bourgeois.

Be not fooled.  This is a movement towards radical revolution.  This is a violent coup that hopes to collectivize this country into a socialist consciousness.  The hive-mind attitude of the rioters that screams “What one has all must have, I’m gonna take it” is a not an attitude of free enterprise, individuality, and liberty, but of communist ambitions.

The puppets of the liberal left, like the mainstream media, denies that the truth is what it is.  They know that you can’t stop the mob if you deny it exists.  While some believe that peace will only happen once there is nothing left to steal, and nothing left to burn, I disagree.  The seeds of communist revolution have been planted.

The mob wants you to believe this is all about social justice, and that their anger is because in America there is some kind of systemic problem of racism.  No law condones racism, and while racists surely exist in this country, they are of such a small minority that they not only do not matter in the grand scheme of things, but also I believe most of them are so afraid of discovery that they hide their true feelings both verbally, and through their actions.

If there is a problem with racism, I also believe it stems not from where the radicals say it is, but within them.  Their decisions are based on race, and their hate for what they consider to be “white privilege,” and a culture that is populated by the descendants of the Europeans who created and maintained colonialism and a slave culture.

Nobody in America owns a slave, and no American is a slave.  Slavery exists in the third world, but not here.  This isn’t a race problem.  We don’t have out of control racism in this country.  We have a class of radicals who want you to be frightened, and nervous, and ready to call for order through their kind of collectivist governmental system.  They used impeachment, the coronavirus scamdemic, the riots, the man-made climate change hoax, and anything else they can to make you paranoid so that you not only desire change, you demand it.  What we have is an invasion, an invading ideology that is determined to fundamentally change our American System.  The hypocrisy is only a symptom.  The accusations of racism, the demand to save the planet through government control of energy, and the authoritarian rules we so quickly chased after as lemmings when the coronavirus scamdemic emerged are only symptoms.  We are at war.  An ideological war.  A spiritual war.  A war to preserve liberty and restore the Constitution.  No, this is not some kind of racism problem.  This is an American problem.  We are at war for our liberty.

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