By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

I‘ve never seen so many moving trucks in my life.  The exodus from California has become massive.  With gun control measures that include, as of July 1, background checks for ammunition and a cross-referencing by the government in Sacramento of the caliber of ammunition bought with the calibers of firearms registered by gun owners (the new laws violate both the Full Faith and Credit Clause in Article IV. of the U.S. Constitution as well as the ex post facto clause in Article I, Section 10), control over how much water one uses (55 gallons now, 50 gallons in the near future) on the horizon, gas taxes that have pushed California to the highest prices in the country (State Senator Jeff Stone recently told me that a 63 cent jump is planned next year on July 1 thanks to cap and trade legislation), new taxes on businesses and cell phones, taxes on sugary drinks, ban on flimsy plastic grocery bags, and a massive fall of the State to the very bottom when it comes to quality of living, you’d think the California voters would realize that the problem is the leadership, and the leadership has been Democrat.

Despite the consequences of the foolishness of Democrat policies in California, other States are trying to follow suit.  Nearly twenty States are following California’s lead in trying to keep Trump off the ballot in their State in 2020.  Oregon’s latest laws coming out of their legislature attacks plastic grocery bags, guns, and citizenship (by trying once again to cater to illegal aliens despite the fact the public stands firmly against such proposals). 

California’s new sex education program is blatant pornography, and though parents are speaking out against the new policies, they are being told they have no say in the matter.

Even Democrats in other States are beginning to call the Golden State “Commiefornia” (at least that is what I experience online).  The homelessness problem in California should be enough to alert people that the Democrat Party’s policies are failed policies.

At what point do the voters realize that it’s leftist policies that are destroying that once prosperous State?  Must California drop to the levels of misery in Detroit and Venezuela, first?

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