By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

We haven’t been outside for a few days.  I thought it interesting that when I went to the grocery store the other day I was one of only two people in the whole store not wearing some kind of face protection over my mouth and nose

Since then, it has gotten worse.

Three of our seven grandchildren (my son’s kids) have been visiting us the last couple weeks.  They leave back to their home in Las Vegas Sunday Night.  Because of the coronavirus scare we have been cooped up in the house this whole time, only going out to pick up things at the grocery store.  Today, we decided to order pizza.  Our usual place, however, have turned off their phones and would not allow me to order online, so I picked another place, a larger chain, instead.  Later, I noticed my first choice was open, with a couple folks inside picking up pizzas.

I decided to get carryout since the service charge is about half of what a delivery charge is, and with my wife on furlough and my business, public speaking and instructor, needing group gatherings I am making no money at all, money is tight.

When I arrived at the store, there was a sign on the door that informed me that all employees and customers are required to wear a face mask in order to enter the business.  I called the number, watched the employee pick up the phone through the window, and said, “I noticed the sign that says customers are required to wear face masks in order to come in.  Are you kidding me?”

“Yeah,” said the young man.  “All businesses are requiring that.  Have you not been out lately?”

They wound up dealing with me at my vehicle window, taking payment, bringing my pizzas out to me, and then bringing me my change, last.

I don’t own a face covering, nor do I believe I should have to.  Since when should government be allowed to force me to purchase a particular item?  It’s the health insurance mandate all over again, but this time in the name of medical equipment.  I don’t own a mask, I don’t own scarfs, I don’t have any handkerchiefs, and I guarantee you none of those items are available to be bought.  Yet, I cannot go anywhere without one, and from what I hear, California has a $1,000 fine in place if you are caught without a face covering.

I was already angry over this leftist authoritarian takeover in the name of a mild virus that has been deceptively thrust upon us as a major public health emergency, but now they are going to dictate to me that I must wear something that I don’t own?

My first reaction in my mind to those in charge is in the form of profanity (first word begins with the letter “f”, second word is “you”), and my second reaction is that I refuse to comply.

But, you see, that has been the problem.  Government was unable to force everyone to comply, so they’ve done it in such a way that you have to.  If you want to eat, or get anything else you need in life at a store, you will now have to wear a face mask, like it or not (sounds like the Bible’s mark of the beast, you can’t buy or sell without it).

And all of this is based on a governor’s executive order (which has no force of law), issued because of a mild virus (that has been deceptively sold to us as a major health crisis), which does not comply with any legal or constitutional authority (even in a health crisis the California State Constitution does not give the State government a broad enough set of power that enable them to dictate to communities how they must function, or what individuals must purchase or wear).

But, they know that, which is why the law is not technically in place, and why they went through the businesses to enforce their face mask order.

I still refuse to wear one, and if they arrest me, I will sue the city, the county, and the State using non-profit constitutional lawyers – and I hope it goes all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

I am so angry about all of this.  The coronavirus, which is based on deception and exaggerated U.N. and WHO models, has allowed authoritarianism to run amok in our free society, and everybody is fine with it because they are afraid of getting sick.  It disgusts me that we have fallen into line as mindless sheep so easily.

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