By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Even the New York Times has jumped on the “Abolish the Police” bandwagon.  And understand they don’t mean to replace it with some kind of police department hybrid, they literally mean to abolish the police and replace them with community controlled systems that will basically revert neighborhoods into feudal style systems where warlords and gangs will run the area.  Without police we abandon the rule of law, and drop into a Mad Max scenario of a rule of madmen.

With police in place, the largest problem the black community has is black on black killings.  When it comes to the police, law enforcement kills more whites each year than blacks, and while some will then begin arguing blacks are killed more based on percentage of population, you have to also take into account that the vast majority of crimes are committed by blacks, as well.  If one group commits most of the crimes, and then celebrates it in their culture with a claim of being a thug culture, what did you think would happen?

The way to end the problems the black community is having is to change the black culture in America.  The problem isn’t the American System, the problem is that the black community refuses to abide by the parameters in place (understand, I don’t mean all persons in that community, of course the vast majority of them are sickened by what they are seeing).  And the reason the culture is so out of whack is because of liberal policies that have destroyed the family, and had moved the slave plantation from Southern Slave Owners to the Democrat Party’s policies that has left the black community addicted to government dependency, and they are unwilling to pull the government needle out of their arms.

Not only would abolishing the police not fix the problem, it would make it worse.  What do you think will happen if police forces are dismantled?  Everyone will just get along, dancing in the daisies, holding each other’s hands?  If there is violence with law enforcement, what do you think will happen without it?

Poorer neighborhoods will descend into chaos, with the most brutal personalities controlling everything, and the richer neighborhoods will hire private security, build walls, and keep themselves away from the chaos.  In the end the segregation of society would worsen, and the communities most in the need of law enforcement will descend into anarchy, and eventually destroy themselves.  Is that really how people wish to live?

In the end, these people are all sheep.  Communism seeks to destroy morality and the law because they claim the old morality and the old law doesn’t apply to revolutionaries.  The idea is to destroy the old system so that a new system can replace it.  But, historically, every time a new system has arisen, the same thing happens.  Chaos, violence, death, starvation, and the end of liberty.

And the people who will suffer the most are those who live in what would become war-zones where nothing would stand in the way of complete chaos.

Muslim no-go zones in Europe have no police presence.  Tell me, how’s that working out for them?

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