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By Douglas V. Gibbs

Everybody saw it coming because we all know that the Democrats, and President Joseph Biden, are in it for themselves, power, and stopping Donald J. Trump no matter what it takes.  The “State of the Union” is the least of their concerns.  In fact, it is their desire that the State of the Union is in shambles.  It is their aim to destroy liberty, betray America’s foundations, transform America into something the Founding Fathers never intended, and then hand its dying carcass over to the Globalists of the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, and to Communist China.  America’s well-being is not their aim, they wish to destroy America’s foundational principles; therefore, the phrase “Make America Great Again” angers them beyond words.

To constitutionalists like myself, all of that is common knowledge, and the war for America’s soul goes back farther into history than the lifetimes of the likes like Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, or George Soros.  The anti-liberty attacks began before the ink was dry on the pages of the United States Constitution, and while the names and logos of the attackers were different than today’s, the aim was the same — destroy America’s sovereignty and this silly experiment regarding liberty, and force the people living in the New World back into the prison of bondage controlled and regulated by the ruling elites of Europe, and their mercantilist allies.

The federal government has become King George III.  Rather than the Jacobins or the Fabians, now we have the Soviets who have not accepted the USSR’s collapse, the North Koreans, and the Communist Chinese.  Rather than secret societies and shadowy factions seeking global control, we have the United Nations, European Union, and the World Economic Forum.  Worse of all, they’ve come out of the shadows and are operating in the open.

Same stuff, different actors and different level of shadows.

Once you know all of these things, the political far left is pretty predictable.  On Saturday Night my radio program on KPRZ in San Diego (Mr. Constitution Hour, 9pm Pacific) will include a report about the State of the Union Address, where I explain it was more of a campaign speech than anything, and it targeted Biden’s opposition.  The thing is, I pre-recorded that show Thursday Morning, before the speech.

Biden provided no surprises.  What he said was easily predictable.

Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, his third speech to Congress since stealing the Office of the President of the United States, was politicized, filled with vitriol, and targeted repeatedly anyone who dared to stand against the Democrats — especially Donald J. Trump.

It was likely the most political State of the Union speech in my lifetime.

No surprise.

Biden hates Trump, hates the Republicans, and his party of leftwing communists will do anything to finally achieve their final solution — turn America into a one-party system that reminds us more of something Orwellian, than that of something based on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

It lasted about 90 minutes, and during that hour and a half President Biden repeatedly attacked the Republican Party for daring to stand against him, and refusing to accept a border deal full of little hidden gems that has the Democrats dancing in anticipation.  He claimed the economy is fine, and any hiccups are the fault of the GOP.  Immigration is Trump’s fault according to Biden, and he’s waiting for legislation from Congress to secure the border — despite the fact that the problem erupted when he reversed all of Trump’s immigration executive orders, and then saw fit to refuse to execute federal immigration laws that are already on the books.  He claimed he’s doing a great job making progress towards a greener economy, even though it has all flopped and fizzled, and is being pushed by authoritarian means, and as Americans are fighting to be able to survive in the pitiful economy that is floundering under leftist policies whether or not they can afford to spend the money for a new electric stove or electric car is the least of their worries.  Right now, the task of putting food on the table and pulling off their payment for their homes are greater concerns that “saving the planet”.  Never mind that its all based on junk science, anyway.

As expected the Democrats clapped and cheered wildly as Speaker Johnson shook his head in disbelief, and the rest of the Republicans either clasped their hands, or sat on them.

When the room became freezing cold over immigration falsehoods pouring from his pie-hole, in response to Georgia Congressman Marjorie Taylor-Greene’s calls for him to say her name, and to try to save the moment, he brought into the conversation the murder of 22-year-old Laken Riley, claiming her killer was “undocumented,” rather than an illegal alien that was in the country, and was let go multiple times after committing crimes, because of his party’s policies; and, he mispronounced her name, calling her Lincoln Riley. His attempt to warm the chill fell flat upon the snowy floor covered with broken promises and failed policies.

The Democrats are doubling down on their “let’s stop Trump at any cost” strategy, and the speech revealed it clearly.  Biden claims he is trying to “preserve democracy” as his party places obstacles to an honest democratic vote at every turn.  They want to save democracy, but are trying to keep Trump off of ballots so that people have no democratic choice.  Well, they were, then that pesky Supreme Court corrected the problem (sort of).

I’ve heard word that the Democrats are so worried that they are focusing on trying to gain both Houses of Congress so that even if Trump pulls off the win they can decertify his election into the White House before he has a chance to be inaugurated; you know, the action they claimed Trump attempted with the January 6 false flag, of which they call “insurrection.”

President Trump spent the evening, as Biden’s trembling and confused body spewed out the words he was so carefully provided by his handlers, posting rapid responses in a play-by-play volley to Biden’s speech on Truth Social.  As a result, the social media network had so much traffic that his posts became temporarily unavailable many times throughout the night.

The polls say the race is a close one, but reality says otherwise.


Trump pulled no punches, as usual, and while they are not saying anything about their fears, the Democrats are out-of-their-mind-afraid that they will lose in November.  How do I now?  If they weren’t worried, last night’s speech would have been a State of the Union address, rather than a “we better attack the opposition as much as we can before the last of the rats jump off the sinking ship” anger-fest and lashing out against Biden’s GOP opposition.

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