By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Marxism seeped into the Democrat Party during the late 1800s. Without slavery as a tool for power over other human beings anymore, the adjustment over to socialistic principles came easy. The Fabians chipped away at both parties during the Progressive Era [1], pushing the idea that the U.S. Constitution and the concepts of liberty, a republican form of government, the free market, and checks and balances in place to ensure a proper distribution of power were all outdated. The progressives believed that social change could only properly happen if guided by the hands of a ruling elite. Government programs and intrusion into the private sector was necessary, in the eyes of the progressives, for “unfettered capitalism,” and “unfettered freedom” could not be trusted.

Democracy was seen as a means to achieve a new socialist utopia in America, and since the Democrats had been embracing democracy ever since the presidency of Andrew Jackson, and the Republicans never seemed to embrace the progressive message once Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency was over with, the Democratic Party was the mule that socialism would ride on to wrestle American Liberty away from U.S. Citizens.

Today’s Democrats, especially since the 2020 Election, have fully embraced those progressive ideas, and they have crossed the line that one might chalk across the sidewalk separating socialists from communists.  While technically the two are cut from the same cloth, to call someone a communist means they have taken the full journey to unfettered socialism, and anti-Americanism.
Ancient economic wisdom regarding taxation, supply and demand, and the behavior of money when manipulated by the government has been set aside by the current Biden administration.  Like true communists, the current Democratic Party Regime rejects any idea of our economic market operating outside government control, and the idea that increased taxation will stagnate our economy.  In fact, that’s the point.  They wish to crash the American Economy.  A total meltdown of the American Dollar will serve as their moment of “Ah-ha! See, Capitalism doesn’t work”.  If the American Economy collapses, they will blame it on capitalism, say the collapse was caused by the free market as it was under President Trump, and then use the excuse to either have government take ownership of the means of production so that the ruling elite may control production directly, or they may use a more fascist method of control of the means of production through heavy regulation.  Either way, the aim is a socialist system where private ownership is diminished, and ultimately possessions and money will also be eliminated.  They don’t care if the system crashes because they plan to get rid of currency and the allowance of personal possessions, anyway.  With money and ownership of things, some people can aspire to have more than others, and in their warped version of equality, that is unacceptable.
According to conservative columnist Ben Shapiro:

“In his first few months in office, Biden rammed through a $1.9 trillion spending package that completely rewrote the bargain between individuals and the state, shifting the incentive structure for people to go back to work. He simultaneously proposed another $4 trillion in spending—to go along with the annual $4 trillion budget.

The result: skyrocketing inflation in commodities, along with dramatic labor shortages resulting in an April shortfall of three-quarters of a million new jobs…

We’re only four months into Biden’s presidency. He’s going for broke: He wants his legacy, and if that legacy comes at the cost of the economy, the polis, and international stability, so be it. If the conflagration we’ve seen thus far is any indicator, Biden won’t leave a lot standing when he’s done.

Socialism is nothing new.  The Founding Fathers even had to deal with folks who thought “utopianism” was a good idea.  Socialistic thinking nearly doomed the early English Colonies, killing settlers through starvation and violence.  Rome collapsed largely because of the internal rot caused by communal thinking, and the communist revolutions in Russia, China, and other places throughout the world led to mass tyranny by power-hungry communist leaders who slaughtered many members of their own societies after millions had already been lost to violence in the streets and starvation in their homes.  The message from those who have experienced socialism already in their lives as the American youth, thanks to a thorough indoctrination in public schools with Marxism, is eager to accept it?  Socialism sucks.

It’s a killer.  Socialism kills lives, incentive, economies, and entire countries.  Just ask folks who fled from places like Cuba, or Venezuela.

The violence, death, and misery is worth it to them.  Progressives believe making the community a collectivistic one is more important than individual lives.   The ends justify the means.

The very thing they think will make progressive ideas thrive, however, is exactly what ends up killing their rule in the long run.  Eventually, the people realize that life under communist rule is not what they thought it would be.  Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to get to that point.

Once socialism takes control of a political and economic system, all dissent is silenced.  Censorship becomes the rule of the day, and any escape routes away from their ideological indoctrination are cut off.  How can one fight for liberty if they don’t know what it is?  Merit, expertise, and achievement become a thing of the past, forgotten as history is erased and rewritten.  Under the rule of a socialist elite your individualism is ridiculed, for your job is only to support the government, the system, and the collective way of life.  The community becomes more important than the individual, and all governmental decisions are based on the the ruling class’s perception of communal good.  Through it all, the people become nothing more than oxen in the field.  Workers who only work for The State.  To work to enrich one’s own life is seen as immoral in such a system.

Individuals are extinguished, and then they are all mushed together into a homogenous mass of government workers.  The become equal in misery, and equal in their loss for a chance at a better life.
Propaganda runs amok to keep you in line.  Some kind of enemy against the state always exists.  The racists and the dissenters are portrayed as an unseen cancer intent on taking away your collective happiness.  No proof is ever produced, but the existence of the crisis doesn’t need proof.  All it needs is anger and enough of the people believing such “Wokeness” (as they call it today) to keep the lies of socialism in place.
Lies become truth.  Deception becomes the official megaphone, and state-sanctioned facts are regurgitated like last night’s dinner.  The Party prescribes what is true, and the subjects to the system believe it, because that is what they have been told, and alternative opinions are not allowed to see the light of day.
Since you can’t be trusted as an individual who doesn’t fully embrace the lie in such a system, because the crisis of domestic terrorism and dissent is ever-present, the socialists always use some kind of surveillance state.  With today’s technology, the idea of keeping track of everyone, and banishing anyone who disagrees, has become as easy as a keystroke.  Today’s U.S. Government is constantly working to spot “extremist sentiments” that stand in opposition to their radical agenda.  The Department of Defense is working to spot and remove dissenters from the military ranks, and the U.S. Postal Service recently admitted it uses tracking programs to monitor the social media postings of Americans.

Tyranny has always known that the way to increase the odds of changing the system to tyrannical rule with little opposition is to get to the children.  Stalin, Lenin and Adolf Hitler all taught that if you get the children to stand in the new camp, once the older generation is removed, or dies off, thanks to the socialists enlightening the minds of the youngsters through an indoctrination by the educational system the populace will eventually not only accept government-approved thought, they will eventually embrace it as the only truth.

In the United States under the current final push by the socialists, universities are hiring thousands of diversity, equity, and inclusion staffers and administrators.  These new hires oversee compliance with the official narrative that a flawed America must confess, apologize for, and renounce its evil foundations while embracing the new thinking of collectivism, equity, and the emergence of a ruling class of political elites.  Of course, the enforcers are exempt from the ramifications of their radical narrative, creating two classes of people.  The rulers, and the oxen in the field.

To make sure Americanism does not rise up again to stop their move of the United States towards their socialist agenda, the past is being erased and/or rewritten.  History is being airbrushed, and our history is being twisted to fit the current narrative.  Statues are being toppled.  Monuments are being defaced.  Factual histories are being banned and erased, and anyone who embraces true American History are being “cancelled”.

Fear through crisis is how the Soviet Union kept their population under control, and today’s progressive Democrats are doing the same.  Through the COVID “health crisis”, threat of “domestic terrorism” as revealed by the “January 6 Assault on the Capitol” (which was staged by the lefties like a Hollywood blockbuster), and “man-made climate change,” the climate of fear is in full swing, and anyone who stands against such thinking is being rooted out by their own fellow Americans (who are being rewarded for their service to the political state in place).
American co-workers are being encouraged to to turn in others for an ill-considered word in a private conversation.  Thousands scour the internet seeking any past incorrect expression of a rival.  Thought crimes are now a thing, and you are presumed guilty of being an enemy of the state if you dare to be a “climate denier,” don’t support open borders, aren’t willing to drop to your knees and beg the black population for forgiveness for your whiteness, or if you refuse to wear a face covering or refuse to get the genetic manipulation “vaccine”.
All puzzle pieces are in place to ensure your compliance.  The schools are fully communist.  The media has all but eliminated any positive things to say about America’s past or conservative constitutional words or thoughts.  The prosecutors and courts have been weaponized to carry out the judicial tools they have to support the new (yet, not so new) socialist ideology.  If you dare stand against them they will riot.  If the court of law considers a possibility of reasonable doubt in a case that is tied to the new ideology, violence is threatened by the new brown shirt groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa.  The rule of law has been denied so that a new law may be followed.  A humanist law.  Socialism and equity at all costs.  And America’s law enforcement agencies are being positioned to either be defunded, or turned into a KGB style agency.  It’s one or the other.  Any thought outside those ideological radical plans is unacceptable, incorrect, and will be punished, one way or another.  Stand against the new thinking and you will be doxxed and hunted down for your incorrect thinking.
A loss of freedom, according to the new masters over us, is necessary to achieve equity and fairness.  White privilege must be extinguished, they tell us, and terminating the American way of life and replacing it with a sovietization of America is the only way to ensure the “sins of the past” are obliterated.
To dare think otherwise is unacceptable.  Your thoughts must agree or else you must be re-educated to think the way they demand that you think.  You must apologize, or be cancelled.  You must change with the transformation of America, or be eliminated.
The ends justify the means, so your destruction in fully justified if you dare to stand in opposition to the rise of the new America.
Critical theory is in place.  You are either a member of the oppressed, or you are one of the oppressors.  If you are a member of the oppressors group, you support and participate in the disease of systemic racism in America.  While there are those pushing back against things like critical race theory, you will pass away, and the children stand in the new camp.  You must hate your whiteness as everyone else is being taught to do, for that is your only hope to survive in the new rising communist America under the rule of the Democrats.  There is only one correct political party, one correct way of thinking, and one acceptable way of operating in this new America.
Comply, or die.
That is the way of the new Biden administration (though even Biden admits he is not really in charge) and the “woke” democrats who hover around him (puppets and puppeteers alike).  Disagree with them and you will be destroyed.  They will pack the courts to make sure you have no legal escape.  And through ideas like vaccine passports, you will be tagged and tracked.  There will be no escape.  The government has been planning on tracking you, anyway.  Now they have an excuse in the name of a health crisis.  If you get your vaccine, you get a vaccine passport.  If you don’t, you can’t operate in society.  It’s that simple.  But, while you are at it, don’t forget that having to “prove” that you’ve been vaccinated so that you will be “allowed” to travel is just the beginning.

Without being tagged, we could be refused access to planes, cruise ships, public events, and even businesses.  And what is great for Biden about it is that the government doesn’t even have to do it.  The private sector is accepting this idea of “be tagged, and have a passport, or we reserve the right to refuse you service”.

China has been doing it a lot longer than we have.  They actually have a social monitoring system, equipped with a grading scale, and eyes and ears everywhere.  If you allow your points to get too low in China, you can’t travel, buy bus fares, or do anything else.

The U.S. isn’t far behind. The liberal-progressive-democrat-party-commie-bastards have decided that they want full control of America in much the same way.

New York has already decided that they want to take away American freedoms. The “Excelsior Pass” works as a QR code that will be used for entering businesses and events. To get the pass, a person will have to prove either vaccination or a negative COVID test.  And guess who has offered to help the world accept and put in place such tyranny?  China has offered to help with the overall design and technology.

Don’t believe me?  You must, then, be watching the mainstream media.  You know they have no intention of revealing the truth.

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[1] The Progressive Era lasted from about 1880 to 1920.

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