By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

I was recently told by a Democrat that the wall Trump is building is evil, like the Berlin Wall was.

I responded, “They may have both been walls, but there is a key difference.  One was built to keep good people in, while the other is being built to keep bad people out.”

Of course they then accused me of calling every person trying to come into the United States “bad people.”

“Not at all,” I responded, “but we know that element exists among the people trying to come into this country.  At home you lock your door. Do you do that because you think every person who might stand on your front porch is evil?  Of course not. But you realize that element exists out there, so you lock your front door, not because you hate everyone on the outside, but because you love everyone on the inside.  Even if you’re home, and someone knocks, you peer around the door first to vet them before you let whoever it is at your door in.  America is our home, and the border is the front door.”

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