By Douglas V. Gibbs
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This morning a shooter let loose on a Pittsburgh synagogue, leaving 11 dead, and 6 wounded.  The gunman committed his atrocity during a baby naming ceremony.  He allegedly put out anti-Semitic slurs and rhetoric on social media on a regular occasion.  The 20-minute barrage of gunfire was allegedly committed by suspect, Robert Bowers, who traded gunfire with police and was shot several times before it was over.  He will live, and has been charged with 29 federal counts, including hate crimes and weapons offenses.

The shooting comes only one day after another anti-Semite was arrested and charged with mailing a series of pipe bombs to prominent Democrats.  Both events curiously occurred less than two weeks before voters go to the polls in the 2018 midterm elections.  One wonders if there are any connections.

Democrats, of course, are using this incident as yet another excuse to call for gun control … which is curious to me.  Remember, the Democrats think that the Trump administration is a fascist administration, yet they are calling for the fascists to impose gun control on the citizenry, so that only the fascist government has all of the guns.  Either, they don’t truly believe what they say about Trump, or their desire to disarm the American People is even greater a desire than their willingness to say anything or do anything to get rid of a duly elected President of the United States.

Another interesting tidbit about all of this is that once again the shooting was not committed by an NRA member, or a conservative.  None of the mass shootings we have been hearing about in the news has been. While I agree each of these acts have been by individuals who likely suffer from mental instabilities, the reality that the liberal left still have not gotten their long-sought violent right-wing shooter is fascinating.  Either, their luck is horrible, or conservatives are not the kind of people who seek out violent solutions to their problems.  In fact, even more interesting, is that fact that the antisemitic beliefs by both the Florida guy who sent the bombs to Democrats, and the Pittsburgh shooter, not only do not exist among true conservatives and Republican Party faithful, but, in truth, the shooter and bomber actually have more in common with Democrats and Muslims, when it comes to their attitude towards Israel.

Just sayin’.

Headline: Democrat Socialists of America Endorses BDS, Call for Israel’s Destruction

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