By Douglas V. Gibbs

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The National Debt is a problem.  And, we often see the Democrats and the Republicans dance around the campfire in what looks like a battle to the death of the country over the debt ceiling.  It’s like watching two kids fight over a piece of cake that, once nobody is looking, they will wind up splitting between the two of them, anyway.

During the latest fight over the public debt, and the raising of the debt ceiling, the Biden Administration suggested that the President could go around Congress and use the 14th Amendment to make sure the debt ceiling is raised.  After all, argues the Democrats, according to the 14th Amendment, the debt ceiling shall not be questioned.  Therefore, Congress must raise the debt ceiling.  It’s constitutionally required.

The same argument was made before all of the madness over the last few years or so by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Was Pelosi, and Biden correct?  Can the President force Congress to raise the debt limit, and is arguing against raising the debt limit unconstitutional?

In the following video, Mr. Constitution, Douglas V. Gibbs, explains…

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