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I understand that upon reading my submissions some ask as to whether I am a Democrat or Republican. The fact is I think for myself and call out BS wherever I see it. I’m equal opportunity in that regard.

The aristocracies of both the Democrat and Republican parties have nothing but contempt for the middle and lower classes, the only use they have for us is as stepping stones or useful tools.

The election of Donald Trump was a middle finger shoved in the face of the self serving political establishment. On the other hand it seems to me, unconsciously, Trump regards himself as CEO of the United States and the citizens therein as his stockholders for whom he works.

There is not an effective nickle’s worth of difference between the results of the hierarchies of both parties. Democrats take money from the rich and big corporations while denouncing both, Republicans take money from the rich and and big corporations while championing both. Democrats keep the poor down while blaming poverty on Republicans, to Republicans the poor are either invisible or bring poverty on themselves. As well, way too many politicians of modest means on both sides become inexplicably, positively wealthy in a relative short period of time after entering Congress. That reeks of bipartisan corruption.

Democrats tax the middle class out of existence, Republicans ship middle class job overseas in bulk.

All the talk about “creating jobs” is worthless without discussing the quality of jobs “created.” Part time, low pay burger flipping and leaf raking doesn’t cut it. On the other hand I’ve seen too much of things like government grants to big box companies to hire teenagers for summer help, ostensibly to give them work experience. In reality, the companies take the “free money” and fire single mothers who need a job while the temporary hires who replace them live and eat at their parent’s house. Then there’s the 30 hour cutoff for employer obligations to provide certain government benefits. All that does is create a class of part time workers who may work more than full time at multiple part time jobs without the benefits of working over 30 hours at a single employer.

Republican politicians had best to take a page out of the Trump playbook concerning the middle and lower classes or or they will be buried under the falsity of “free stuff” shoveled out by the Democrats.

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