by Robert P. Garding

Over the last day or so, I haven’t heard so much about the horrible circumstances the media and the leftists in this nation say we are in. The virus has peaked and fewer new cases are happening, though they are still happening, it seems that the health reasons of the ones who are getting is for the most part isn’t observe or talked about much.
Even in China, where this whole thing started, *and no that is not being racist Pelosi* the new cases has dropped to zero. And yet, here in America for some reason, toilet paper is stil being hoarded. What are they going to do with that stuff, eat it when they get scared?
The left in this nation has left out the good things happening in all the reports, and even a Fox Business reporter got fired the other day for telling the truth about what is going on. Fair and balanced my nanny-goat!
it is no wonder the people are turning away from the big four, and turning instead to Breitbart, NewsMax and others to get the neww, where the truth is being encouraged and accepted, not fired.
You can see the tactics of the left when they completely come unglued when the truth is uttered. it seems the truth is a never used tactic of the leftists and the media……oh yes, and Hollywood too. It seems that since they are *stars* that we also think that they have the best opinions around. Well folks they don’t. How can a person who lives their lives pretending to be someone else all the time know what is really going on?
The problem comes in not in the virus but in the media’s treatment of it. I know people who are freaking scared to death, and there is no reason for that. Caution sure, but scaring people out of 8 lives? No. This is just becoming stupid, with CAPITAL letters.
To be considerate of people who are afraid because of the media is something we have to do. They have been “scare-mongered’ into believing that they are the next one to die from this, and the chances of this are not that good, unless they do have a heath related thing that does make them susecpable to this. If we just researched and found out just what makes you suseptable to this virus, rather than listen to the left and the media….we would all be so much better in the long run.
Just got a news thing, from one of the big three media….who is doing nothing but scare mongering…and they got caught doing it…thank God. They *CBS* did a story of a New York Hospital….and used video from one of the hardest hit Hospitals in Itally. This is nothing but *scare mongering* something the left always says the right does…but they do it so well. That is my opinion though and if you don’t share it…that is okay. That is what makes this world go around….different ideas. Something the left doesn’t condone.
All I can say now is….The Time has Come for us to become human again, and if we hear something that doesn’t sound right, research it…find out if it’s really true or not. And if it isn’t true….don’t go all nutz and crazy like they have over this Corona Virus. It isn’t as bad as many other things that have come at us before..but we are treating it like it is the worst. I wonder what will haappen to us if we are really hit with something that is dangerous to us.

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