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Friday the 13th has been designated by Hamas leadership as a “global day of Jihad.”  Hamas has invaded Israel, using a shutdown of Israel’s high-tech border security system as a means of entering the country and attacking lightly protected Jewish towns.  Islam claims, despite who may have been on the lands first, once a land is occupied by Muslims the soil becomes holy, and belongs only to Allah.  Israel’s presence not only violates, in their minds, that sacred belief, but on top of it Jews are mere animals to Muslims and must be wiped out completely if Islam is to be able to spread worldwide as Allah demands.

Over a thousand years before Christ Moses and Joshua led the Israelites to the land in dispute and established what ultimately became the Kingdom of David; Israel.  The Promised Land was given by God to His people for them to settle, and establish their nation.  Israel occupied the land for more than a thousand years until, as Jesus predicted, Rome lay siege on Jerusalem, 70 A.D.  The attack against Jerusalem was during the First Jewish–Roman War (66–73 AD).  Rome, in that war, led by future emperor Titus, targeted Jerusalem because it served as the center of Jewish rebel resistance in the Roman province of Judaea.  After five months of fighting, the Romans destroyed the city and dismantled the Second Jewish Temple, stone by stone.

The launch of the attack on Jerusalem in 70 AD occurred three days before Passover.  It took about three weeks for the Roman army to break down the first two walls of the city.  A strong Jewish defense prevented them from penetrating the third wall, which was the thickest of the three.

Eventually, Roman forces overwhelmed the defenders and set fire to the Temple.  While resistance continued for about a month, ultimately the city was burned to the ground and the Temple was looted and dismantled completely.  Titus spared the three towers of the Herodian citadel as a testimony to the city’s former might.  Of the Jews who failed to escape and were not killed, they were taken as slaves.  Rome celebrated the fall of Jerusalem, and two triumphal arches were built to commemorate it, where the treasures taken from the Temple were put on display.

After the war had ended Jerusalem was later re-founded as the Roman colony of Aelia Capitolina, inside which evil cults were introduced and Jews were forbidden entry.

From that moment, Israel became a scattered nation.

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