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China, Islam, Progressive Globalist Communists.

I have been hearing a lot of talk about China.  We are at war with China, I have no doubt about that.  But, understand, this is not a war with only China.  They are being helped by their allies in this latest World War.  Islam and worldwide progressive commie leftists are assisting them.  While many deny the idea that there is a new world order, it does exist.  The new axis powers would normally, individually, not get along so well, but for the purpose of achieving worldwide control with their enemies either eliminated, or silenced, they are all for allying with each other.  China, for example, is constantly hammering on their own Muslims in Western China, the Uighurs, so people question that they would be willing to work with countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, or the general Islamic liberty-hating population.  But, if allying with the global Islamists, and European/American/U.N. globalist progressives, advances their cause, they are more than willing to do it.

The idea of who gets total rule, or most of the rule, can be figured out later.  Right now, they’ve got a common enemy to work on.  Trump, and his supporters, which are largely conservative, Christian, Americans (and a few radicals who are in agreement in other parts of the world, like the Brexit folks in Britain, those protesting against COVID policies in Europe, and the younger folks in Hong Kong who have been largely standing against the Chinese communists).

Understand, this is not just some political disagreement.  We are at war.  This may even be classified as World War III (or IV if you count the Cold War as the third world war).

In the end, don’t be fooled by all of the attention China is getting as our enemy.  They are not lone wolves, in this.  They have allies in Islam, and the progressive left, and all three (the new Axis Powers) are indeed waging war against us.

Let’s take it seriously.

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