By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

As I was driving home last night I passed by a group of Black Lives Matter protesters.  They were shaking their signs, shaking their fists, and all of them were white kids who looked like they were either in high school, or college.  We do have a fairly good size black population in our area, but most of those folks are in the Navy, Marines, or Air Force (I am fairly close to the Navy Bases in San Diego, Camp Pendleton, and March Air Base in Riverside), but none of them had joined this group, probably because they know how stupid it all is.

The signs ranged from “Black Lives Matter” to “Avenge Floyd” to “F*** Trump” (you know, that word that rhymes with duck?) to “Dump Trump and Pence” to a sign with that raised black fist which, I doubt they realize, is a Marxist communist symbol.

I thought to myself about these mindless lemmings, these tools of Marxism who probably don’t even realize how dumb they are with their allegiance to tyranny and that ninety years ago they would have made good NAZIs or Stalinists.  What, exactly, is it they don’t like about Trump?  I wish I could talk to them, but, of course they won’t listen, they scream and yell and spit and foam at the mouth without thinking beyond what they have been programmed to think.  They couldn’t understand any reasoning if it slapped them in the face, and then they would simply call it racist, even though they are largely white kids in a very confusing situation that has been reinforced in them by a lifetime of indoctrination by the schools, media, entertainment industry, and culture itself.

But, if they could listen, I would ask them, “which part of Trump’s policies make you so mad?  Are you angry about his ability to get the economy roaring so that people were able to live better, even at the lowest levels of the economic spectrum?  Did it tick you off that we were, before the coronavirus scamdemic, experiencing record lows when it came to unemployment rates, especially when it came to blacks and Hispanics?  Or maybe you’re angry because the President believes in limited government, and it just chaps your behind that he doesn’t want government poking its nose into your business as much as Obama pushed for, and the current Democrats are demanding.  Perhaps lower taxes and simpler tax laws bother you.  Perhaps it just makes you mad beyond reproach that the dastardly President talks to us as Americans, rather than chopping us into groups and trying to set us against each other like Obama did, and like the Democrats do.  And, I suppose it has to really make you mad that he has an America First agenda, because looking out for you, rather than letting the globalists stomp all over you and your life in America, has really got to be getting under your skin.

You know, it led me to start thinking about how ridiculous things have really gotten.  I mean, the KKK used to terrorize blacks and white republicans.  Now, the BLM terrorizes whites and black republicans.

We went to war against a regime that had their supporters wearing arm bands, and forced the Jews to wear yellow stars on their clothing before collecting them into concentration camps, but we seem to be fine with the leftist authoritarians mandating we wear face coverings as their allies scream and yell that all whites are racist and should be sent to camps, or worse.

We’ve watched the Democrat Party try to impeach the President, use a mild illness for authoritarian means, and launch rioting in the streets screaming that all whites are racists, all during an election year, yet nobody has put it together that they might all be connected and it might be for the purpose of targeting our President, and the liberty he stands for.

None of the blacks out there protesting were ever slaves, and none of the whites in this country feeling guilty over slavery have ever owned slaves, except maybe immigrants that have come here from Africa, or Muslim countries, of which these protesters call their allies.

The protesters are screaming about America’s slavery history as many of them wear African garb or call themselves African Americans, without even blinking an eye over the fact that in order to be picked up from Africa by white slave traders, their black ancestors had to be sold by other blacks in their tribes.  Shouldn’t they be angry at Africa for selling them into slavery in the first place?

Protesters who are screaming about America’s history of slavery have burned down Christian churches, but have left the Mosques alone, even though it is Islam that has a history of practicing, and in some Muslim countries is currently practicing, slavery.

Protesters in Portland toppled a statue of Thomas Jefferson, and spray painted “slave owner” on it as the statue lay on the ground.  Jefferson was an abolitionist who worked hard to abolish slavery.  The slaves he owned were inherited, and he was unable to free them due to the laws at the time.  He did purchase some slaves, to keep families together, when he realized different buyers were trying to buy different members of the same family, separating children from their parents.

At Penn University protesters taped a “super predator” sign to a Benjamin Franklin statue.  Franklin was the force behind a group called the Society of Friends, which, after the Revolutionary War, was the first organization in the United States to work towards the abolition of slavery.  As a side note, the slave owners in the room during the Constitutional Convention in 1787 were the minority, with some of the delegates at the convention refusing to sign the document because they felt it was an opportunity to abolish slavery at that moment and it did not contain a Bill of Rights, yet.  Also, Article 9 of the Constitution begins with a clause designed to outlaw the Atlantic slave trade which was put into motion in 1808, and Frederick Douglass, an escaped slave that later became a pivotal part of the abolitionist movement, commented once that he did not see any indication that the Constitution was a pro-slavery document.

Protesters have demanded that the Emancipation Memorial in Washington D.C. be taken down, and threatened to tear it down earlier this week, but troops made sure it didn’t happen.  The memorial commemorates the freeing of the slaves, and was funded by former slaves.

Protesters claim to hate the wealthy and the big corporations, so they have burned and looted small businesses and have left large corporations alone.  Small businesses are unable to bounce back after such an action against them, unlike larger businesses, and will likely not reopen, which gives more business to the large corporations, which will make the wealthy wealthier.

Protesters burning and looting businesses are the same people who claim that jobs are hard to come by in their “underserved” communities.

Protesters claim that hunger is a serious problem in their neighborhoods, but as they riot and protest many of these neighborhoods are now going to become food deserts because grocery stores will no longer feel safe doing business in those communities.

Protesters scream they wish to dismantle capitalism, and then send that message out on their devices, which exist because of the free market they claim to hate so much.

Protesters support Pennsylvania University for removing the word “freedom” from their freedom cards because it could be considered “offensive”.  Do they no longer call them freedom cards?  What do you call something that no longer has freedom associated with it?  A bondage card?

Protesters who have allied with the progressive Democrats and are being supported by the progressives in government worked to take down a Teddy Roosevelt statue, a president who was a proud progressive despite being a member of the Republican Party, originally, and even began the Progressive Party to run against President Taft so as to split the vote and enable hardcore leftist progressive Woodrow Wilson to win.  From their alleged frame of mind, shouldn’t that be a statue they’d wish to keep standing?  Oh, by the way, I wonder if the protesters realize that back during Roosevelt’s day 95% of blacks were Republican because the GOP is the party that freed the slaves, and the Democrats was the party of racism, and quite frankly, still is?

Protesters attacked Andrew Jackson statue, who, while a slave owner, was the father of the Democratic Party, and sought to move America from being a republic to a democracy (a.k.a. mob rule) and largely influenced our move in that direction.

Protesters say they are against the authoritarian nature of the racist police as they wear masks mandated by Democrat Authoritarians, and their candidate for President, Joe Biden, thinks that wearing masks should by federally ordered.

Protesters have called for the defunding and dismantling of police, and then some have turned around and threatened to sue the police after getting injured and not receiving a police response in the riot zones, or in Seattle’s case, the autonomous zone.

Protesters scream that securing the border with Mexico, and Trump’s border wall, is racist, as they maintain strict borders around the riot zones, and in Seattle go so far as to deport people who are not in full agreement with them from their CHOP zone.

The Protesters say they are a part of Black Lives Matter, and support Black Lives Matter, the same organization that supports the dismantling of the nuclear family, an action, history has shown, that is largely responsible for the level of poverty many folks in black communities are experiencing.

Protesters claim that all Black Lives Matter, and it was wrong for the police officer to kill George Floyd as he did (and nobody disputes that), but they also support unfettered abortion, which is the number one killer of blacks, aside from, you know, black on black violence.

Protesters claim they have been unfairly treated and have no choice but to live in poverty in underserved communities and the answer is a redistribution of wealth, which would in the long run eliminate the middle class, and make it impossible to ever get out of poverty and government dependency.

Protesters say they are angry about the lawless cops out there, so their answer is complete lawlessness in the streets.

Protesters claim that all whites are racist, and to prove it they revealed racist symbols defacing gravestones at Providence College that turned out to be a hoax, and were spray painted by black supporters of the protests.

Another example of racist hate was provided, which were racist comments on the walls of Salisbury University in Maryland, which also turned out to be a hoax, and were spray-painted by a black supporter of the riots.

The message by the protesters have been peace through violence, life through death, and law and order through the elimination of law and order.  Sounds a little like 1984 by George Orwell, to me.

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