By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Tyranny succeeds when the tyrants convince the populace that their way is the right way, the best way, or the inevitable way.  This is why social engineering and the conditioning of children is such an important part of the liberal left’s push for a utopian future.  To accept that kind of conditioning, individualism must be lost, and the acceptance of a collective society must not only be widespread, but it must be considered as the only viable way to save humanity from itself.

“Besides,” they argue, “you already have socialism.  Government pays for all kinds of things.  Subsidies, Fire Departments, Police Departments.”

Except, that is not necessarily true.  Most socialists don’t even know what socialism is.  Government services for the sake of helping keep order is not socialism, that is simply the role of government.  Government ownership of everything is the eventual consequence of socialism, but that also is not what socialism is.  Socialism is communal ownership of the means of production, but since people can’t play nice until they’ve been properly conditioned, government must own it at first to make sure the community operates in a socialist manner.  In the end, theorized Karl Marx, people would grow to get used to communal living and having no possessions or desire for greedy profit, and eventually the government would no longer be necessary and would fade away.

Ever seen a powerful government fade away?

To accept such a way of life people will need to change their way of thinking, and things will need to change to accommodate such a system.  That’s why the liberal left Democrats are all about hope and change.  They hope you will change your thinking so that socialism can finally grab a hold of Americanism and turn it into a wonderful utopia.  Never mind that it has failed every time it has been tried in history.  In America, we’ll get it right.

Change may only be a desirable pathway if the people in a culture or society are convinced there is something wrong with their current conditions and that a socialist path is a better path than the free market capitalism we’ve enjoyed for over two centuries.  As long as everything is wonderful, the country is in great condition, and people are using their minds to improve upon the acceptable, and even preferable, condition, there is no need for change … or revolution.
For tyranny to gain control of a system, the populace must be dissatisfied, grow to hate capitalism and American-style liberty, and maybe even panicked enough and fearful enough that they believe if change is not achieved, doom for all of humankind is on the horizon.  The foundation of the system must be in error, and it must be deconstructed.  The Founders must be discredited, and the sins of the past must be dragged through the mud.  The world, according to these con-artists, is in a dangerous situation, and it is all America’s fault, and social change in the name of social justice must be achieved to stave off disaster, and promote safety of the community on a worldwide scale.
Social organization is guided by politics, and if the members of the community believe that the social organization is unsustainable, and that there are wealthy persons profiting by it, revolution becomes the hope of those whose perception is that true happiness can only happen if there is change, and if individuality is done away with, and replaced with communitarianism.
Crises are all around us.  We are told that overpopulation, peak oil, climate change, wealthy corporate interests, religion (dangers of over-righteous zealots limiting people from chasing their desires, and the dangers of the emergence of Holy Wars), emerging diseases, and the racist, bigoted hatred of anyone who disagrees with progressive politics are a danger to the future, so to avoid such tyranny, the ruling elite must take the reins … authoritarianism means freedom.  Totalitarian control through stronger government intrusion into our lives means liberty.  
To achieve the kind of conditioning that leads humanity to accepting socialist authoritarianism, the populace must be convinced it is necessary.  They must come to a point of always blindly believing government and their expert leaders.  They must believe what they are told no matter how ridiculous, or unscientific, it really is.  To obey is patriotic.  To love your government is true patriotism.
False models and a cry that there is a “consensus” has turned out to be enough for most of the sheep in society.  All our lives we have been in a panic, convinced there must be a change in our ways if we are to save humanity, and save our planet.  The problem is, they made these things mean what they wanted, and the truth has been discarded.

In the end, the truth is, we have been lied to, and a vast portion of our population believes the deception.

Overpopulation: The basis of the argument is that the greatest enemy of humanity is more humanity.   We are seen by the overpopulation believers that we are parasites to the Earth, and it is better off without us, or at least better off without most of us.  If there are too many people, frames the argument, we will have too much of a negative influence on our fragile planet.  There will be water shortages, food shortages, deforestation will worsen, and climate change will spiral out of control with all of the billions of polluters contributing to an already dangerous and unsustainable situation that will, in the end, doom us all.  So, limiting the increase of population, especially among groups who are viewed by the elite as being undesirable (hence, why most Planned Parenthood facilities are situated near black and Hispanic population centers) has become a priority for the elitists in government.  The truth of the matter is, human ingenuity, especially in a free market system where government’s influence is limited, resolves the matter easily.  Through advances the current food production, for example, is capable of feeding more than the people we have on this planet.  Some studies suggest we could currently feed over 10 billion people, while others offer that globally we are capable of feeding a minimum of 25 billion people.  Production has not been a problem, distribution has been, and that obstacle is partly due to leftist leaders who do what they can to control the movement of goods.  About 60 percent of production never makes it to the table in the developing world. Interestingly enough, refrigeration would solve much of the problem too, but progressive liberal left environmentalists have been attacking the materials and chemicals (and electricity in some parts of the world) used for refrigeration, leaving developed countries hungry as a result.  So, when it comes to having enough food, the problem isn’t production, it is liberal left politics.
Peak Oil: Not only do the progressive lefties want to move us away from “fossil fuels” because the longtime successful fuel for our societies is considered to be dirty and a dangerous contributor to the greenhouse gases that lead the way to man-made climate change, but, as we’ve been told, we are going to run out, anyway.  The climate change part of the argument set aside for a moment, using science we have discovered that oil is not the gooey residue left behind by fossils.  Oil is abiotic, which means it is created by the Earth’s mantle, not dead dinosaurs, making it replenishable … which makes the peak oil argument a complete hoax.  Russian and Israeli scientists have it right, on this one, not The West.
Climate Change: The ultimate environmental call for revolution, a large portion of the world’s population are convinced that we are headed for some really bad weather, and it is all humanity’s fault.  So, they are convinced we must save the planet, even if it means becoming a bunch of controlled lemmings in a communist system to do so.  Except, the models have been manipulated, the theories have been developed from false assumptions, and real science has proven that the rise and fall of global temperatures are a natural phenomenon.  While humanity may be a great polluter, and it is wise to make sure we pick up after ourselves, the idea that our less than a percent of the overall carbon dioxide (CO2) contribution into the atmosphere of a minor gas in the atmosphere is enough to doom the planet and send us into a humanity-caused cataclysm is both wrong, and non-sensical. Consensus is not scientific, especially when the claim of consensus is a lie. Denying man-made climate change is not unscientific, it is the opposite.  True science reveals that climate change exists, but it is naturally caused.  Yes, it is going to get hot, and it is going to get cold.  Glaciers will advance, and glaciers will recede.  It is all a natural cycle, of which humanity has a negligible influence on. It’s more about control, than it is about weather, and the folks frightened about CO2 to the point that they are letting government dictate their lives regarding energy use and “carbon footprints” are nothing more than lemmings who will make great communist comrades if the liberal left gets their way.
Wealthy Corporate Interests: If ever there was something that proved the reality of the Marxist nature of today’s progressive left, their hate of the free market and disdain for wealthy corporations nails it.  That said, I am not a fan of when wealthy corporations interfere with politics, and I am even more upset when politics tries to involve itself in corporate America (or the global version).  While greedy corporatists bother me, I do not use a broad brush to paint all companies as being a part of that evil cabal.  Wealthy corporations are a necessary part of any free market system.  I want them to do well, because they manufacture and transport goods, and they are a great place to get a job.  Have you ever been hired by a poor person?  Yes, there are bad guys in the corporate world, but it is not because of the presence of corporations that the bad guys exist, they exist because bad guys exist.  It is our job as consumers to not allow the bad guys to grow to that kind of power by not purchasing their goods.  Problem is, we don’t pay close enough attention.  Typically, least expensive product wins.
Religion: First, let’s come to a common understanding.  The liberal left progressive Marxist commie bastards don’t hate religion.  They hate Judaism and Christianity.  They adore other religions, like humanism, secularism, mystic religions, and Islam.  Why? They think they can control the others, for one thing.  There is no controlling Judaism and Christianity.  The God of the Bible is too awesome to corral into their little box of socialism.  Besides, religions like Islam have much in common with them, when it comes to the authoritarian part of it all.  They don’t mind Jews and Christians who are simply going through the motions, but deny the true faith of it all.  Nancy Pelosi claims to be a good Catholic, but I know no Christian of true faith who could ever support something like the wholesale slaughter of the unborn like pro-abortion Democrats do.  The real schism is deeper than that, though.  From a Founding Fathers’ point of view, the difference is that between the rule of law and the rule of man.  Those who believe in the rule of law believe that God’s Word is supreme, and to be moral based on biblical teachings is better than to be immoral and then claim it is moral because humanity has decided it to be so.  The Christian position is unacceptable to the liberal left because their positions discount the idea of an evolving society where it’s okay to be sinful because eventually with the evolution of humanity it will become acceptable.  Christians are bizarre to the liberal left because they place their faith in a God they don’t see, and in a Bible that the left believes is full of contradictions.  By not believing in an evolving culture that embraces change, any change, that makes Christians to them bizarre, odd, hypocritical, backwater, stuck in the past with a faith in ancient teachings that have lost their relevancy, and yes – they all hate gay people because they view the sexual behavior as being a sin.  Therefore, to believe in such a God is offensive to those who don’t believe because to those who don’t believe, the idea of sin is restrictive, and the idea of a flawed human nature is unacceptable.  Their judgment against Christians as being a bunch of hypocrites is based on their observation of a bunch of flawed sinners who call themselves forgiven, never recognizing that the flaws they are making fun of is the whole point of the faith of Jesus Christ.  Christians are flawed.  We make mistakes.  We make bad decisions.  We are tempted, back-sliding people who are constantly seeking strength from our Savior because, frankly, our human nature is flawed and sinful.  So, we find our joy, peace and strength in our God, and that is unacceptable, because from the leftists’ point of view that should be fulfilled by community, social cooperation, and a benevolent government who seeks to make sure everything is a right, and every right is guaranteed and provided by the true entity that deserves ones’ worship, the ruling elite.
Emerging Diseases: Are the policies in place during the coronvirus scare about COVID-19, or are they a test run to see how you will respond to communism if it is offered in the name of keeping you safe?  Founding Father Benjamin Rush warned against medical totalitarianism, and Brave New World author Aldous Huxley suggested that science and medicine would be the preferred tools of authoritarianism to make sure people are properly conditioned and mindful of their governmental overlords.  Think about what has happened during the coronavirus scare.  It is illegal to go to church on Sunday with a bunch of other church-goers.  Assembly for any reason of any large groups are disallowed.  You have been required to wear government approved clothing in public (rather than an arm-band, it is a face mask).  You have been ordered to remain in your home, only to leave for government-approved purposes.  Shall I go on?
Racism: Divide and conquer.  Keep the classes warring against each other, and then government can be seen as the benevolent entity that keeps the peace.  To disagree with anything government demands is racist, therefore, you are an enemy of the state, which then cycles back to the need for government to keep your racist attitude under control for the sake of the safety and peace of the community and the people you allegedly hate.  All they have to do is claim there is racism, find folks who agree, and then offer a solution that wreaks of more government.  It is the perfect scam.
Disagree?  No problem.  That means you think government lies, or you are anti-government, which makes you an anarchist, and then that means you must be controlled and subdued for the sake of the community.  They can make anything mean what they want, and if you disagree, and verbalize such dissent, social media and the mainstream media will encourage you to be silenced, and will participate in the endeavor to make it so.
The future is here, and the authoritarians are already working on us.  You can call it what you want.  Deep State.  Progressivism.  Socialism.  Authoritarianism.  Communism.  Social Justice.  It is all the same, and most folks have fallen for it, hook, line, and sinker.  And for writing such a thing, I am considered a radical and someone who must be silenced.  If Hillary Clinton was President, I would not doubt that (a) this article would have never made it on the internet, and (b) shock troops would be pounding on my door.
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