not after me they are after you says trump
By Douglas V. Gibbs


When Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Government in Germany began seizing properties of political opponents the world was alarmed.  When the fascist government in Germany then began seizing the properties of Jews the world was more than alarmed.  The Soviets and Communist Chinese took it a step further.  After stripping their opponents of their property, they stripped everyone of personal property rights, and claimed that individual property ownership was against the security of the state and that the only true freedom was collective ownership. 

History is clear.  Tyrants target their opponents legally, and then after they arrest their opponents or at least demoralize their opponents, they strip them of their ability to respond largely by seizing their properties, seizing their businesses, and seizing anything else they can get their hands on.  That’s what tyrants do.  That’s what fascists did.  That’s what communist regimes did, and do.  If you are a tyrant seeking total power, you target your opponents legally, then strip them of their properties.

In the 2024 Election Season Donald J. Trump continues to be an opponent of the tyrants of America.  So, they targeted him.  They launched a campaign of destruction.  He’s been hit over and over with lawsuits.  They have, with the civil fraud case, of which there was no standing, violated the principles of the Eighth Amendment, and the language of the New York State Constitution’s Article I, Section 5, with a high almost half a billion bond demand.  As a result, Trump is facing the seizure of properties if he doesn’t give them the money they are demanding.  It’s a classic tyrannical game of Intimidation.  Political targeting.  They want him to give in, to cry uncle, to quit.

Donald J. Trump is not the quittin’ kind.

What the opponents of Trump and liberty are doing are the kinds of things tyrants in history have done.  The Romans targeted and destroyed their political opponents.  The fascists targeted and destroyed their political opponents.  The communists targeted and destroyed their political opponents.  Are these Democrats and anyone else who allies with them any different?

Trump stands against the tyrants, and they are doing anything they can do to stop him.  There is nothing benign about what they do.  They claim to have your interest in heart.  They claim that the common good is their goal.  In reality, their goal is simply one thing.  Crush all enemies, beginning with Trump.  

They really wish to destroy you, those who stand for the Constitution and Liberty, but Trump stands in the way, so first he must be dealt with.

And, it will never end.

George Orwell in fiction, and Joseph Stalin in reality, revealed to us that there must be a permanent war.  The opposition is never truly defeated and the tyrants are never truly satisfied.  They will never stop, because remnants of the enemy will always exist.  Without war against a threatening opponent, the tyrant has no true reason to use an iron fist in the game of holding on to power.  As Karl Marx said, “class struggle” is the “violent midwife of history.”  The war against the opposition must eventually turn violent if their revolution is to be birthed, and it must continue to be violent if their revolution is to grow.

Individual crimes against Donald Trump will transform.  The real enemy is you, as Trump explains, he is simply in the way.  To consolidate their grip on power the crimes by the leftists in America will expand.  Their individual crimes against people like Trump, or against elections with their fraud, will expand into mass crime against larger groups.  Never mind the Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, and Proud Boys.  They will begin to persecute other groups to gain control of the political culture.  Constitutionalists.  Christians.  The entire GOP.  Then, their criminal enterprises will become so widespread that they will turn the system of government into the very tool that commits everything they need to remain in power.

One might ask, “Isn’t that what they are doing already?”

No.  If they were, the GOP would have never gained any seats in the last election.  Sure, they are pushing the majority number down as we speak.  The Republicans, a sort-of-ally in this war, is down to a one person majority in the House of Representatives.  That, my friends, is not acceptable to them.  Even a majority like the Democrats have in California will eventually not be good enough.  The goal is simple.  One party rule, with not a single member of the opposition holding any office, and then the arrest and destruction of anyone who dares to stand in opposition from there on out.

Right now we are witnessing crimes against the Constitution, and crimes against the American System.  Believe me when I tell you the next step is crimes against humanity.  Every tyrannical movement in history always progresses to such madness.  And when they get there, they will commit a reign of terror.  That is what tyrannies do.  They become so paranoid that another Trump might rise up to challenge their power that they become like King Herod, targeting their enemy, even the children of their enemy, in order to maintain their power.  Or, they will be the French Revolutionists, pulling people out of their homes and slaughtering them on their lawns.

Genocide, but not the kind of genocide that one might recognize in typical fashion.  Their enemy is not a people, or a race, but an ideology.  Christians.  Conservatives.  Constitutionalists.  Their class warfare is against political and ideological adversaries.  The targets are members of the general public they have decided are enemies to their advancement of power.  The wealthy.  The middle class.  Rural white people, a group they’ve been screaming about the most lately.  Why?  Because that crowd does not worship the big government tyrants.

As with Trump, they will seek to eliminate their enemy through legal and physical means.  Seizure of property.  Disallowance of assembly.  Silencing of any words that may be considered against their cause; labeling such speech as hate, or disinformation, or misinformation, or propaganda.

Eventually, once the power is solidified, as with the COVID madness we experienced in recent history, they won’t need to be directly responsible for the control of the citizens.  Eventually, the public will be their enforcers.  It wasn’t law that made the mask mandate operate in 2020, it was businesses carrying out the desires of the tyrants in the name of doing what’s best for the common good.

Neighbor against neighbor.  Brother against brother.  Children against parents.  Once the cultural communism is complete with its fundamental transformation of the minds of the American People, it will be the people who will raise the flag of communism, and enforce it for the tyrants.


Hope returns to us.

Without hope there is no fight.  I am optimistic, not because I do not realize what the threat against us is.  I am full aware of who the enemy is, and how powerful they are.  But, I am optimistic because I must be.  We must believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel, or there will be no tunnel.  We must recognize that the Tytler Cycle does not have to dial back into bondage, but we can cut across to spiritual awakening, courage, and liberty.  Their arrogance and their exposure of how evil they really are may be their downfall.  They are convinced it is over.  They have Trump on the ropes.  They are ready to seize his property.  They have Christians hiding because of the accusations of Christian Nationalism and the ridiculous claim that the phrase “Christ is King” is anti-semitic.  They believe they have everything at hand, and the tighter they tighten their grip, the more easily it will be for us to slip through their fingers.

President Trump has proven that he can adapt, pivot, and rise above the attacks.  Can we, as well?  Are we ready to fight the good fight, and turn things around?  Are we willing to use approaches that might be outside the box?  

One thing is for sure.  If we give up, victory is impossible.

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