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“Gay Blade”
By Douglas V. Gibbs

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I have always found it fascinating that the so-called tolerant ones have always been the least tolerant.  When we “tolerate,” it means that we “recognize and respect” the item being tolerated.  We may not necessarily agree with the thing we are tolerating, but we put up with it because that’s a part of living in a free society.
Tolerance does not mean what it used to mean in today’s society.
Now, we are witnessing a vast cultural change that says to tolerate is to accept, embrace, and normalize.  Otherwise, you are a “hater,” or a “phobic.”  If one is not considered “tolerant,” they are met with hostility, and ultimately oppression and persecution.
While a people who is virtuous and follows a strict moral code or standard recognizes absolute right and wrongs, the new tolerance states there is no absolute right or wrong.  Faith is to be abandoned.  Humanity’s evolution requires us to shed such notions of fantasy and the supernatural.  Either, you are willing to discard any ideas about the wrongness of sin, or you are a bigot who will be left behind as society charts a new course through unknown waters into a brave new world.
The new world has established that truth is relative to the culture one lives in.  Truth can even be based upon whatever the ramblings are inside one’s head.  There are many truths.  Good is not absolute in the brave new world of postmodern tolerance.
It is the new religion.  The anti-religion religion.  And the faithful have been so indoctrinated in the new worldly religion, and so taken by the humanistic belief system, that it angers them if someone dares to disagree.  In fact, opposing views are not only not tolerated, but it is reasonable to the pawns of the new faith of new tolerance to lash out in anger if anyone dares to even slip up in how they address the new warriors of the new faith of new tolerance.
A transgender went nuts in a store because an employee “misgendered” him by calling the biological man “sir” in a confrontation that was caught on video.
[A video] clip shows the transgender demanding his “f***ing money back” before a woman off camera refers to the individual as a “young man”.
“Excuse me, it’s ma’am, it is ma’am,” barks the transgender before the woman threatens to call the police.
The transgender then accuses the store clerk of calling him “sir,” despite this not being heard on the video until the clerk does subsequently refer to the biological male as “sir”.
He then becomes increasingly irate before yelling, “motherf***er – take it outside – you wanna call me sir again, I will show you a fucking sir!”
“Motherf***er!” shouts the transgender before kicking over a display stand and walking towards the exit.
However, despite the clerk repeatedly apologizing, the transgender returns to continue the argument, demanding the company’s corporate phone number to complain about how he’s been “misgendered several times in this store”.
“I’m gonna ask you for a fifth time to stop calling me a man, because quite literally I am not,” the transgender asserts.
The clerk then again refers to the individual as “sir,” probably on purpose, which causes him to become even more angry.
As the individual leaves, he accuses the clerk of “disrespecting trans people in this store….which I plan on telling the entire LGBTQ community.”
“You’re going to lose money over this,” the transgender states before leaving the store.
I don’t remember a time in history that cross-dressers got so irate about anything, unless it had something to do with their drug supply.
We live in a world where what is right is whatever an individual believes or says is right.  Everyone is right, and their argument and beliefs are equal, whether you like it or not, even if they have to pound it into your skull with violence.
Well, that is unless your belief is not equal, because it’s on the list of unacceptable beliefs, such as Christianity.
If there is no ethical standard of right and wrong, and if what has always been historically right is now being considered as the only wrong, how long can our culture stand before it falters under the weight of its own intolerance?

For some reason it reminds me of the iconic line from George Orwell’s book, Animal Farm. “Some animals are more equal than others.”
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