By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Here on the West Coast (Left Coast?) I am beginning to understand how people felt behind the Iron Curtain.  Okay, maybe it is not quite to the point of armed guards at the border and shock troops breaking up meetings of dissenters, but it sure feels like we are headed in that direction.  I am a native Californian, and in my more than a half century on this planet I’ve watched the Golden State go from the most prosperous place on the entire Earth to a place where people are doing what they can to get out of Dodge.  Between me not working because of the unconstitutional mandates associated with the Chinese Wuhan coronavirus COVID-19 scamdemic that pretty much disallows any gatherings (I teach Constitution Classes and I am a public speaker, so that pretty much kills ninety percent of what I do), to people I know and love not being able to work because of fears that Black Lives Matter members might rip them from their vehicle and beat the crap out of them if they enter Los Angeles County (yes, that’s a major problem, here), and the fact that too many businesses are still not doing business because of the paranoia associated with the fake pandemic, it is beginning to look a lot like a communist dictatorship.  Comrade Gavin Newsom, also known as the governor of California, has mandated we continue with the harmful lockdown policies, he has mandated the wearing of a face covering as conservative States open up and are not suffering the horribly feared spike (in deaths … I don’t care about the number of cases for something that is milder than the common cold and the seasonal flu) everyone seems to be expecting, while the streets explode with cries that this country suffers from systemic racism, which is not only a false charge, but they look the other way when you bring up the fact that black slavery does exist in this world, and it is being committed by their allies in the Muslim World, and that they look the other way during this Black Lives Matter protest, but killed whites when the Bundy Ranch and related events took place.

Facebook banned posts from this website for three months before lifting the ban a couple weeks ago.  Changes in the algorithms on search engines have reduced the hits to this site to about 25% of the number of hits we were receiving just a year ago, and web-wide bans on various social media sites have left me with five less sites that I am allowed to post on.  Aside from carefully crafted videos to avoid attacks by the YouTube censor police, my final free voice is on the radio.  Sure, in this age of mass technology and online information, AM radio seems like an outdated mode of communication, but to be honest, that is the only place where I can speak freely, and fire my guns for all to hear.

That all said, today I was on the road during today’s broadcast, returning to Southern California after a week on the Oregon Coast, so I left the program in the capable hands of two of my co-hosts, Alan and Dennis.  Today’s program, despite my absence, and all future shows on the airwaves, are a worthy listen.  So, if you want the truth, you are tired of hearing lies, and the U.S. Constitution is something you consider to be pretty important, Constitution Radio on KMET 1490-AM, Saturdays from 1-3 pm Pacific, is for you.  Catch the podcasts on Sound Cloud.  And, as stations around the country have begun asking to carry the program, funding needs have increased.  We are needing funds to accept offers by radio stations in Utah, Missouri, Ohio, Florida, and Arizona.  But, we can only expand if you as a business owner begins advertising, or you as a listener begins donating.  Contact me or donate, if you want to help.  constitutionspeaker at

Thanks, and let’s continue to make noise, and let’s become the counter-culture against the communist invasion we are experiencing in today’s America.

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