By Allan McNew

Those who oppose proposition 6 are for abolishing the middle class through ever increasing taxes and fees.


Under the circumstances, that statement may make far more sense than “those who are for proposition 6 are for crumbling bridges and potholes”

The fact is, those Sacramento economic geniuses who increased California fuel taxes and vehicle fees a couple years ago, the ones who turned California’s once premier educational system into a laughingstock parody of a bottomless money pit of ironic futility, converted California into the state with the greatest poverty rate in the nation, created the greatest national gulf between the obscenely rich and those driven into poverty, those fiscal clowns think we need $10 a gallon gas, perhaps $6 of that in direct fuel pump taxation in addition to all the indirect taxation of energy sources. Without going into a lengthy discussion, every increase in energy costs by increased regulation, taxes and fees, regardless of whether it is the oil, electrical or natural gas industries, consequently directly and indirectly raises the cost of living, there is no escaping that fact.

Proposition 6 requires direct, ballot box voter approval of increased fuel taxes and vehicle fees in addition to the usual last minute, post midnight gut and amend “legislation” so common in Sacramento in order to keep Sacramento legislative crazies from perpetually mugging California citizens through ever increasing fuel taxes and vehicle fees, it tells them “no more” by repealing the cleverly yet deceptively named “Road repair and accountability act of 2017.” Circular talking point arguments for and against proposition 6 aside, if Sacramento were truly taking the rare step of actually being accountable they would restore, at the prevailing rate of interest, the vast amount of money they have pilfered from the highway fund for decades, money which was improperly diverted to pet projects and boondoggles, and fund road construction and maintenance at the current pace.

Since the malfeasant ruling gang in Sacramento doesn’t do anything that doesn’t come with a punitive poison pill accompanied with redirective, vituperative condemnation – turning the sock inside out, so to speak – if proposition six is approved by the voters they may cease to fund current road construction and repair and blame the victims, voters who are tired of being perpetually fleeced. The cure for that sort of political misconduct is to vote the ruling party in Sacramento out of power, and when the shenanigans of the other side get out of hand do the same to them, and so on. Keep them all on their toes, yes on six.

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