By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The more the Democrats talk, debate, or appear on various media outlets, the more popular President Donald J. Trump becomes.  Even Democrat voters are not willing to throw away our free market for a lurch towards socialism.  Meanwhile, because they have nothing to contribute in the arena of ideas, the Democrat Primary candidates are going after each other in ways that makes one think that there might be a civil war going on in the party of the donkey.

In the beginning former Vice President Joe Biden was seen as the likely front-runner, and the only moderate voice among the bunch.  However, after some embarrassing displays of stupidity, and catastrophic failure in Iowa and New Hampshire, most pundits, pollsters, and voters have all but thrown in the towel for Joe “rub my leg-hairs” Biden.  Mike Bloomberg, after criticizing those who apologize for their past actions, and then found himself apologizing for his “stop and frisk” program (which was actually Rudy Guiliani’s program, in the first place — and a very successful one, at that), finally made it to the debate stage during the most recent gathering of candidates, and he did so poorly that even the MSNBCs and CNNs of the world were shaking their heads.

That leaves Bernie Sanders (self-proclaimed socialist, and essentially an outright commie), Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren (pretty close to Bernie on the communist chart), Mayor Pete Buttigieg (no experience, flush with donor monies from the wealthy as he hammers on the sins of being wealthy, oh, and he’s a homosexual), and Amy Klobuchar (left-wing Senator and Lawyer who thinks Mayor Pete thinks she’s stupid, and then she opens here mouth and confirms it) to round out the final group of leading Democrats for President of the United States.

Oh, and there’s Tulsi Gabbard, the Army veteran Congresswoman from Hawaii who none of the Democratic Socialists like, who has spent more time on FOX News than any other candidate, and the candidate that media folks keep mistakingly claiming has dropped out of the race.

Trump is not worried.

The Democrats have nobody, and even with the impeachment garbage, his numbers, popularity, and size of crowds at his events, have never been greater.  Not even a surprise entry into the game by Hillary Clinton, or Michelle Obama, could save the Democrats, this time.

Single-payer healthcare is a losing policy, especially when folks realize that “Medicare For All” would also outlaw all private insurance companies.  Gun Control is a loser, too.  Just look at the backlash going on in Virginia.  They have no arguments when it comes to the economy, because Trump’s economy is booming.  They have no arguments on foreign affairs, not with a President who has Iran on the ropes, brought North Korea to the negotiations table, and has China giving in on trade.  He recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, boasts the lowest unemployment rates in the history of this country (or at least as long as we’ve been keeping records), and the jobs numbers keep outperforming the predictions.

People are not buying into the Democrat Party’s ideas for government-funded college, having the taxpayers pay for the entirety of student debt, letting government take over pre-school, all of the wacky climate change legislative ideas, their open borders policy, packing the Supreme Court, or abolishing the electoral college.  It is all too radical, and even younger voters are asking themselves, “what’s going on in the heads of those old radical lefties?”

Even local offices are under fire.  President Donald Trump, on his trip to California, recently ripped into Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for “endangering his community” based on Garcetti’s immigration and homeless policies.  Meanwhile, not only did the Democrats try to impeach one of the most popular presidents in history, they got caught meeting in secret with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif during the Munich Security Conference (namely, Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut, among other Democrat Party Senators).

What kind of politicians hold secret meetings with our enemies?

The voting public on the blue side of things has also gotten very vicious.  One story, where lifetime Democrat Karlyn Borysenko, after attending a Trump Rally, wrote that she realized Democrats are not ready for 2020, resulted in her being attacked by her own party brethren.  In fact, the vitriol from fellow Democrats got so bad that she left the party, and is now an independent.

The sick policies of the liberal left Democrats have sex education that could be considered kiddie-porn being taught from Kindergarten to twelfth grade in California, and according to writer Jeff Maples, a taxpayer-funded Preschool in New York is teaching “queer rights” and victimology to four-year-olds.

CBS New York is reporting that Suffolk County legislator Sam Gonzalez has proposed legislation to ban smoking in private homes.

The Democrats, on the debate stage, and with their proposals, have proven time and time again that they are the party of “government being all up in your business,” and to be frank, most Americans are not cool with that.  Except for perhaps the most staunch Marxists, and newly indoctrinated youngsters (including AOC), even a large share of Democrats are throwing their hands up, and many of them have even entered the Trump camp.

With each passing moment the future is becoming more and more clear.  Not only will Trump win in November, because the Democrats have no chance, but it is going to be a massive, brutal, merciless shellacking.

And that’s saying it nicely.

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