mothers day flower
By Douglas V. Gibbs


I was fortunate in life.  My mom was mother from day one, and still is.  I know that there are those who lost their mothers earlier in life, and some who were raised without a mother, or perhaps without their birth mother, in their lives.  And then, there are others who had a mom (or perhaps didn’t), but were unable to be moms, or chose not to be a mother, for various reasons.  Motherhood may not have been accomplished in the orthodox manner, but every woman I know has had the opportunity to be a precious and dear mom, or have someone fill that role for them when they needed it most.  Women are motherly instinctively.  If a child falls, it’s usually a woman that runs over to help them up.  When someone has pain inside and needs to talk to someone, more often than not that motherly instinct kicks in and a woman becomes the shoulder to cry on.  Most women naturally desire to nurture, care, and defend.  So, first off, everyone has had a mom in their life, though not necessarily in the orthodox manner, and every woman has been a mom at least once in their life when they scooped up the fallen child, lent a caring ear, or sought to do something right for another because her motherly heart told her to.  So, for all of you, no matter how you’ve had a mom, or been a mom, Happy Mothers’ Day.

— Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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