By Douglas V. Gibbs


I agree with Ronald Reagan; “Peace through Strength.”  

I agree with George Washington; “We are persuaded that one of the most effectual means of preserving Peace, is to be prepared for War; and our attention shall be directed to the objects of common defence, and to the adoption of such plans as shall appear the most likely to prevent our dependence on other Countries for essential supplies.”

Be strong militarily, don’t be dependent upon any other country for your supplies.  

Donald J. Trump, then, agrees with Reagan and Washington.  He says if elected again he will “drill, drill, drill,” to produce domestic oil so that we are not dependent upon the rest of the world for that oil, and Trump has a strong national security strategy (yet, while he was President, with a strong national security strategy, started no new wars).

Everyone else, it seems, wants us at war.  The Democrats want us at war in Ukraine, and Islam wants us at war in the Middle East.  Iran is taunting the United States, striking at our units in Iraq, like a bully poking a kid in the chest in the schoolyard.  “I dare ya,” yells the bully.  “Go ahead, hit me.  I’ll give you the first swing.”

The Biden administration’s Secretary of Defense, Lloyd J. Austin, gave a statement a couple days ago explaining why the United States carried out retaliatory strikes on Christmas Day on three facilities “used by Kataib Hezbollah and affiliated groups,” in Iran.   The U.S. strikes in Iran followed a series of attacks that left three U.S. service members injured — one critically, in Iraq.

Austin described American military retaliation as “necessary and proportionate strikes” that were intended to “disrupt and degrade capabilities of the Iran-aligned militia groups directly responsible.”

“And let me be clear – the President and I will not hesitate to take necessary action to defend the United States, our troops, and our interests,” Austin wrote. “There is no higher priority. While we do not seek to escalate the conflict in the region, we are committed and fully prepared to take further necessary measures to protect our people and our facilities.”

The drawing in of the United States has begun.  Hamas attacked Israel, our ally, so we have been on alert, and in full support of Israel, as we should.  But, it was just a test to see how far we’d step our foot into the region.  Now, we are being taunted; picked at.  Islam, China, and international globalist progressives want nothing more than for the United States to be dragged into a conflict in the Middle East, and for the world to turn against us as they have Israel.  And, if we strike Iran any harder, they will activate the terrorist cells in the United States that are largely here because of Biden and the Democrat’s open border policy.  If we hit Iran like I think we will, soon, for Americans here in the United States the attacks by Hamas in southern Israel will look like child’s play.   Hardcore Muslims and radical Democrats want nothing more than an excuse to go door to door and drag Christians and conservatives out of their homes and to slaughter them on their front lawn.

I am sure a few of you right now are telling yourselves, “Doug, you’re being a little dramatic.”

Am I?

In this video on Rumble a wokester calls for those who disagree with the transgender ideology to be stabbed.

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