Greece Riots Dec 2018

By Douglas V. Gibbs; AuthorSpeakerInstructorRadio Host

Political Correctness has demanded that we praise anyone not like us, and abstain as much as we can from criticizing anyone from any protected group in any way; otherwise, one is phobic or a bigot or racist.  White guilt and an attempt to punish all whites as a result of their white privilege clutter university campuses more than transgender, anti-Trump, and rainbow literature.  We have been told that everyone crossing the southern border are poor families and refugees seeking amnesty, and hateful terrorists don’t exist, just poor misplaced people who are lashing out in pain.  We have denied black crime exists, and blame the police for profiling and causing poor minorities to wind up in jail, and around the world we have pointed the same attitude towards those poor, misplaced Muslim migrants all over Europe.  After 9/11 we were convinced that Islam had very little to do with the attack, even though all 19 perpetrators were Muslim; and in response we tried to be understanding, and recognize that if only we convinced those poor angry people to be more like us they might learn to like us.

Flowers and rainbows can save the world.  It’s the sixties all over again, on steroids.

Political correctness has evolved, and now it has become the WOKE society where words can cause temper-tantrums, crime must be ignored, disobedient children must not be disciplined by their parents or any teacher, parents who don’t “affirm” their confused child about if they are a boy or a girl are abusive, shoplifting is fine as long as it’s under certain dollar values, riots are peaceful demonstrations and political rallies by MAGA people is insurrection, pedophiles are simply “minor-attracted persons,” men can win women’s swim meets, women’s track meets, and women’s beauty pageants, registered sex offenders are victims, cross-dressing men in makeup can hold “family-friendly” striptease runway shows complete with a stripper pole and children slipping dollars in their g-strings, and if you dare say anything to the contrary you are hateful, anti-(insert name of protected group here), or a conspiracy theorist.  

Society has been trained with illusions and lies, a long-term campaign by Marxism to kill the nuclear family, kill anything Christian or godly, stomp all over the rule of law and change it into a relativistic/pluralistic rule of man, and grow an Orwellian culture filled with mindless sheep who only know they hate whoever the politicians, judges, news media, entertainment stars, educators, sports celebrities, and corporate giants wearing “we love you and are here to help you” masks say to hate.

During the fundamental transformation of America, and the world, promised vocally by Barack Obama, and promised before him by a long list of socialists and hard-left progressives, Islam hid in the shadows building up again so that they can get back on track toward their goal of killing every Christian and Jew on the Planet Earth.  

During the Trump administration Islamic terrorism completely disappeared from plain view.  

Now, they are back, and we are too WOKE to respond.

Islam has shown us in only the last week that they believe it is just fine to rape Jewish women, and infidel women.  They have shown us that they not only believe it is okay to physically mutilate Jewish babies, it is a preferred method of warfare to make sure those babies can’t grow up and become an enemy of Islam.  In Israel, since the invasion by Hamas, they have burned Jews alive in the name of Allah; they have proclaimed that genocide of the entire Jewish people is their goal and they intend to carry it out as soon as they can.

A large segment of the younger generation seems to largely think that the attack against Israel and the desire to commit genocide against Jews is just fine.  Why would they argue?  They are fresh off of their lifelong public school and college indoctrination sessions.  The real fascists, if you ask those young brains  full of mush, are MAGA Republicans.  They are fine with the eradication of the Jewish people because they don’t want to say anything that might offend a poor Muslim person — but, while the fires are burning, they will tell you it is just fine to throw Trump supporters, Christians, and any other “right-wing” people on top of the flames.

Protests in favor of Hamas have emerged and that is just fine to these folks.  However, expect to be arrested and thrown in federal prison if you question any election (especially on the grounds of the Capitol on January 6, 2021), question the education of your child at a school board meeting, or protest in front of an abortion clinic where another type of genocide is in play.  Don’t criticize any religious belief other than Christianity or Judaism, and especially don’t criticize false science like man-made climate change and the whole list of COVID lies dealt to us.  If you do, you will be labeled the enemy.  Oh, and by the way, don’t criticize the genocide of Jews because, you know, they’re Jews.

How do we stop such madness?  One, don’t be afraid, and two, stand firm on truth.  We have the numbers and the truth on our side.  So, why are we not doing anything about it?  I have been all over the country over the last three years spreading truth, using my own money because everyone is too busy to support the effort, and the thanks I have received has been handshakes, and comments to “go get ’em.”  Then, everyone goes home, turns on their favorite sitcom, and forgets that the world is exploding.  When I get home, I continue the efforts, and they pay minimum payments on my maxxed-out credit cards.

It’s time to wake up and smell the burning bodies.  It’s time to realize that people like me cannot achieve the mission to turn things around on our own.  We need to stop being afraid of offending people, or being called a name, or being shunned by family, friends, and neighbors, and even of losing our job.  Fear is the tool of tyranny.  Fear is what they do.  The bloodstained century of violence we left behind when the new millennium emerged is not over.  During the twentieth century Soviet Communism caused 20 million deaths.  China?  65 million deaths.  Vietnamese communists: 1 million deaths.  North Korea, 2 million deaths.  Cambodia, 2 million deaths.  Communist Eastern Europe, 1 million deaths.  Communist movements in Latin America (Cuba, Central America, South America, and other Spanish Speaking communist regimes and revolutions in the Western Hemisphere): 150,000 deaths.  Africa: 1.7 million deaths.  Afghanistan: 1.5 million deaths.  The international Communist movement and Communist parties not in power, about 10,000 deaths.  Communism’s death toll is just under 100 million people killed. *Data from The Black Book of Communism, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1999.

Now that we are in the twenty-first century don’t be fooled that just because the idiotic ideologies of the sixties, mixed with some real crazy new stuff, has infiltrated American Society, and the world, that the death-rate by the enemies of Christianity and Judaism has stopped rising.  China is not finished, and Islam is just getting started.

Communism and Islam has joined forces, and the progressives and the globalists are tagging along, too; and if we refuse to see what is going on, do what we can to keep the peace, and if we cowardly hide so that the communists won’t arrest you or kill you, things will continue to get worse.  Don’t lull yourself into believing this is just some silly disagreement.  We are at war, and all of our enemies are standing together using tactics and strategies of war.  They are willing to do anything to win, and fund any movement they consider an ally.  American equipment and weaponry from Afghanistan and Ukraine is in the hands of communists and Islamists, and are being used right now to slaughter women and children in Israel.  Our lefty government is a part of the problem.  We need to be loud, and do everything we can to throw out the people who have stolen our elections, and sit on thrones of power.  But, we must do it without fear.  We must educate our fellow Americans so that they are not celebrating cruelty and genocide in other parts of the world, or else they will celebrate next the cruelty and genocide against those who dare to stand against them domestically.

The terrorists use the phrase, “First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people” which means they plan to eradicate Jews first, then Christians.

Communists in America probably have a similar phrase, but theirs is, “First the enemies of our plans over there, and then the enemies of our plans over here.”

America is not immune.  Our foundation has protected us for over two hundred years, but we have abandoned that foundation, turning our back on God and the Constitution.  Sitting in our churches and praying, or ignoring what is going on inside the four walls of our homes, will not make it all go away.  When they are finished over there, they will indeed come over here.  And our own younger generation has been weaponized, and trained, for the day that happens.  Victory may only be achieved by changing the tide, reaching as many people as possible, and disarming the enemy in their minds and their hearts before it evolves into something greater, and much more deadly.

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One thought on “Islamic Consequences of Liberal Illusions

  1. Liked this article but one sentence didn’t convince me. The line you wrote:

    “Communism and Islam has joined forces…”

    Are you forgetting that Osama Bin Laden (OBL) and the Mujahideen fought AGAINST the Russians (Soviet Union) for approximately TEN YEARS? The rest of your article was well written and presented though.

    You’re naturally familiar with OBL. Are you familiar with the “Godfather of Jihad” Abdullah Azzam? How about Ayman Al-Zawahiri? How about Abu Al-Zarqawi?

    Have you read the book, “Al-Qaeda In Its Own Words” edited by Giles Kepel? Highly recommended.

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