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This morning I was looking through headlines and found articles reporting that a Jewish man in Thousand Oaks died from a head injury after an altercation with a pro-palestinian protestor.  I read a few different articles, local news, Fox News, and CNN and they all repeated the same line: the victim hit his head “when he fell backward.”  This afternoon NBC was reporting the same thing:

Like most Americans, my first thought was one of sadness, and “what an unfortunate accident.”

“A couple of older gentlemen,” I thought to myself, “got into a pushing match, and the Jewish man fell backward, stumbled, fell, and fatally cracked his head open.”

The police report also provided, based on witness testimony, that the man fell backward and hit his head.

Why would anyone believe differently?

Either the original witnesses questioned lied, the police lied, the media lied (or a combination, thereof), or the new information being provided is false, the latter I believe to be true.

Updated reports (not being recognized by any of the mainstream media sources I have visited) indicate an added wrinkle in the story.  “…a ‘pro-Palestinian protester,’ reportedly threw a megaphone at Kessler during the altercation.”  Another line in the story states:

Was the megaphone used to “bludgeon” the victim as suggested?  Why wasn’t the megaphone mentioned in earlier reports?  Why were we led to believe no weapon was used, and it was simply a bumping of the head after a person fell?

We have already seen, since the Hamas attack against Israel on October 7, the fabrications made to make the stories one-sided.  Unfortunately, support for the animal savages of Hamas even runs rampant in this country, and through the corridors of our institutions under the spell of the hard left Democrats, their allies, and the false religion of Islam.

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2 thoughts on “Did the Media and/or Police Lie About Death of Jewish Man in Sherman Oaks?

  1. The media I followed that day suggested the jewish man was struck in some fashion with a bullhorn on the head then fell.

    This is my best recollection, I’ve slept since then

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