In a 5-4 decision that saw a split of the conservative justices the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of a defendant who argued he should not be subject to the Armed Career Criminal Act (ACCA), a 1984 law that imposes a 15-year mandatory minimum sentence on certain repeat offenders who are caught illegally possessing a gun.

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3 thoughts on “Daily Dose: Supreme Court, Guns, and the ACCA

  1. Federal government has no authority to monitor, control, our gun rights. They are infringing on our rights to keep and bear arms. I loved your constitution class yesterday Doug. I was one of your zoomers 💯

  2. What about the Constitutionality of the DOJ vowing to interfere in the state election audits? They are saying that they are going to take over the audits and not allow the public to know the results. I say unConstitutional. The states run their own elections.

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