By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Today, while speaking to the Fallbrook Women’s Republican Club, I unveiled a new way of looking at how we handle the mess we are in with the leftist communists directly attacking everything our Constitution stands for.


The acronym as a word is Creator.  We must first recognize that if we are not on our knees in prayer, we will wind up on our knees in bondage.  Benjamin Franklin told us that only a virtuous people are capable of freedom, John Adams said that our Constitution was only made of a moral and religious people, and George Washington explained that political prosperity can only be reached if we make religion and morality its indispensable supports.  The very foundation of our system is based on the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God, which includes that we are endowed with rights given to us by the Creator.  Our Christian foundation of America’s republic is the keystone to the whole thing.  Without it, it will all crumble, and once liberty is lost, if it is not lost for eternity, it will at least be lost for a very long time.


C stands for Constitution.  Without us getting back to the original principles of the Constitution; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (from the Declaration of Independence which was the perfect set-up document for the Constitution), a limited federal government that only operates on issues expressly authorized to it by the Constitution, localism, a separation of powers (not only between the branches, but between the federal government and the States), and a system designed to only enable us to have a republican form of government, we will see our liberty suspended for collectivistic narratives and a rise in tyranny of which we have never seen before in this country.  The original intent of the Constitution is a key component in our struggle to make sure we return to the framework that made America great in the first place; a framework that never authorized or intended to allow us to be a democracy, a socialist system, or an oligarchy.

R Stands for Republic.  When Benjamin Franklin had departed from the Constitutional Convention, Elizabeth Powel asked him, “Doctor, what have you given us?  A monarchy, or a republic?”  Franklin replied, “A Republic, ma’am, if you can keep it.”  While the Democrats, beginning with Andrew Jackson, have done all they can to destroy the mechanisms that make us a republic in pursuit of making us more “democratic”, which includes negating any voice the State Legislatures have in the federal government (which was intended to originally be a form of oversight over the federal government by the States), the reality is that the democracy they seek is a part of what is destroying American Liberty.

E stands for Equality.  Not the equity version of equality being spewed by the hard left communists who now inhabit the Democrat Party (and it seems there’s a bunch of them who have infiltrated the GOP, too), but the type of equality provided by Thomas Jefferson when he wrote in the Declaration of Independence, “all men are created equal.”  The very argument that he did not include the slaves in that statement is not true.  In the 138 words of anti-slavery language he had written in the document before it was eliminated due to the protests of South Carolina and Georgia on July 1, 1776, he referred to the slaves as men as well, and in fact he put MEN in ALL CAPS when he wrote that in the original draft of the Declaration of Independence.  Jefferson recognized the evil of slavery and blamed the British crown and parliament for the continuation of slavery in the colonies over the years.  While Jefferson recognized that at the moment in time there were those in the country enslaved and unable to access their Natural Rights, in his statement about equality in the Declaration of Independence he was careful to make sure we understood that all men are “created” equal.  From the point of view of the Creator, the distribution of Natural Rights goes to all, no matter their position under the laws of men.  All MEN are created equal.

A stands for Activism.  Knowing the information, being angry, and hoping for a change in what is going on doesn’t change it.  An object does not move in any direction unless it is physically pushed in a certain direction.  We must be active.  And that activity begins locally.  We need to be influential on our city councils, a regular visitor of a our school boards, a loud voice at our county supervisor meetings, and even a frequent attendee of water board meetings.  All of it matters.  And, while we are at it, it is important that we are regularly in communication with all of our representatives, from our local government, State government, and all the way up to our federal government representation.  Rallies, protests, petitions, and even running for office ourselves all counts towards activism.  It’s important we are involved.  Without our civic activities, the people who are trying to change America into something that the Founding Fathers never intended will do so without even a challenge from We the People.

T stands for Theology.  Theology is the study of religion, understanding our faith, learning more about what we truly believe.  And then, once we have that down, we need to use it to guide our system, our friends, and our leaders.  Then, we must practice what we preach.  We must be a moral society, and we must stand against those things that compromise our position as a moral society.  While I do not believe any system benefits from being a theocracy (like any other oligarchy, theocracies can also be very tyrannical), I do believe it is important that a system has a godly foundation, and that the people of that country acts in a godly manner.  Again, as Franklin told us, “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.”

O stands for Organize.  The early part of the American Revolution was not going well for the revolutionaries.  The militias lost most of the early battles, and if things didn’t change the War for Independence would be lost.  The warriors were untrained and unorganized, and the military leadership was not operating in a matter that it should.  George Washington realized what was going on, and changed the organization standards from virtually no organization to a military style set of ranks, formations, regiments, and battle plans that included making some of the militia members military regulars.  What followed was a drastic change in the direction of the war, ultimately leading to us wearing the British down, and the Redcoats leaving our shores.  The same is true in our current situation.  If we go at this as an emotional angry mob driven by our passions, we will be slaughtered.  We must organize, conceptualize, and coordinate so that we, like the forces who will come against us, are ready for whatever they have to throw at us.

R stands for Rule of Law.  The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God are based on the Rule of Law.  Our entire system of laws and application of those laws is based on a Christian foundation that should be self-evident to those who belong to Christ.  The wicked does not see what we see, and they are incapable of it until they are willing to die unto their selves, and give all of whom they are up to Jesus Christ.  The problem is the wicked does not understand.  And if we get to the point where we completely abandon the Rule of Law, and we begin to embrace the Rule of Man, it won’t take very long before we begin dancing around a golden calf.

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