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For those of you who wish to throw firebombs at me for the following post, let me qualify it with the following…

I believe America is about liberty, not ethnicity or color of skin (countries that are sh**holes are the way they are not because of the color of the people who live there, but the collective leftist political systems they have in place); that COVID is a real disease, that people can get sick from it, that it can be a nasty critter to work through, and that some people also die from it; that the free market is the key to a prosperous society and that for it to function properly it must be influenced as little as possible by government mandates and regulations; while I am not a fan of war, and as a military veteran I abhor it when our young military personnel must participate in a theater of war, I also believe that being prepared for war and having a strong military is the best deterrent; debate leads to liberty, silencing any opposition leads to tyranny.  My questions are not the rantings of some conspiracy theorist, I am simply asking questions.

Here’s the questions:

If America is so racist and a bad place to live because of white supremacism, why are we being flooded with illegal aliens, almost all of which are Hispanic, Asian, or black?

If the COVID Vaccine is effective, then how is it that the unvaccinated poses a threat to the vaccinated?

If the COVID Vaccine is not effective, you know, since the unvaccinated is a threat to them, then why get the vaccine in the first place?

If masks are effective, then how is it that those not wearing a mask are a threat to those who are masked?

If COVID is as deadly as they say, then how is it that the streets and homes are not littered with the dead?  Have you noticed they seem to only die of COVID while in the hospital?

If COVID is a pandemic, how is it that if you compare the published number of those who have died from COVID to the total population of the country, or the number of global deaths to the world’s population, you get a percentage that says that the survivability percentage is over 99%.

Based on past arguments by lefties, if we can’t trust Big Pharma, why do you trust their arm jabs?

Based on past arguments, if you don’t trust large mega-corporations, why do you trust Phizer, Johnson and Johnson, Moderna, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and all of the Democrat Politicians who are in the pockets of Big Corporation donors?

If it is racist to ask for ID to vote, why isn’t it racist to ask for a vaccine ID to buy food, go to an arena, or enter into other public spaces?

If judging someone by the color of their skin is wrong, why is it okay to judge someone by the color of their white skin?

Why are they counting people who died with the vaccine as being “unvaccinated”?

Why was staying home to vote mail-in important during COVID, but going out to riot was encouraged?

Why is it that when Cesar Chavez and Bill Clinton were in favor of securing the border they were applauded, but when the GOP says the same thing they are racist?

Why is it that unproven sexual allegations against people like Judge Kavanaugh and Judge Roy Moore becomes a “we must believe the victim” situation amidst calls of resignation and punishment for the accused, but when a Democrat like Bill Clinton, Joe Biden or Keith Ellison are accused with accompanying evidence it receives silence from the same crowds of angry women?

How is it that if I don’t wear a mask during COVID I am accused of killing innocent people, but women who have abortions are not?

If there was no cheating during the recent elections, why are the Democrats so against people looking into the integrity and procedures through audits and investigations after those allegedly perfectly fine elections are over?

How is it okay that the Democrats demanded to know every word of any private meeting that Trump had as President, but now are fine with Democrat legislators constantly holding legislative private meetings that don’t allow a single Republican in the room?

Why is Trump considered a warmonger even though he was the first President in a very long time not to start a new war, but Biden attacking Syria was just fine?

How is it that Trump was a bad man whenever a military person died during his presidency, but Biden is fine even though he literally left military members to be slaughtered without any hope of escape in Afghanistan?

How is it with the pandemic Democrats accuse Republicans of not caring about anybody’s lives because of their policies, but abortion and Biden’s handling of Afghanistan gets a pass?

In 2016 the Democrats accused the GOP of rigging the election, and made accusations regarding Russian collusion…but with the 2020 Election (and the Newsom Recall) we are told by them that it’s not possible to rig the elections?

Did you notice that the Democrats have always considered themselves as being the tolerant ones…and if you don’t agree you are a racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, Bible-Thumping, gun-toting, selfish, COVID-spreading jerk who, if the Democrats don’t get their way, will suffer from violent attacks, looting, rioting, and destruction by fire?

How is denying people things like going to the store, seeing their newborn baby, or visiting loved ones at the hospital unless they have an experimental vaccine raging through their bodies not tyrannical?

Whatever happened to the liberal left progressive Democrats who used to use the Voltaire quote that we may disagree, but they will fight to the death to defend your right to say what you wish to say?

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