Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs: Guest Host, Alan Myers … Saturday at 1:00 pm Pacific, KMET 1490-AM
○ First Hour: Doug, Alex, and Dennis discuss issues through the lens of the U.S. Constitution

○ Second Hour: Doug, Glenn, Jan, and Diane discuss the issues from a Tea Party perspective

KMET 1490-AM

1-3 pm on Saturday Afternoon

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◉ First Hour: Constitution Radio CARSTAR/AllStar Collision Big Stories of the Week:

🚩 Government Shutdown Temporary Cease-Fire

🚩 Trump’s Bricks
🚩 The Kids from the Covington Catholic School

◉ Second Hour: Conservative Voice Radio

Roger Stone Indicted: Another Process Crime by Mueller!
Was CNN Tipped Off by FBI to film this arrest?
The BORDER – Here are the numbers of Crossings that the Media will not report on!
The Truth About this Invasion at the Border:
Three Executive Powers that Trump should use to break the Border Impasse:
White House Drafting Emergency Powers & Fund?
Senate Says No to Both Bills to End Shutdown!
“Trump Style” Wall built in France for security:
Venezuela Civil War – Government Overthrow – Chaos in Socialist Venezuela. U.S. Has to Decide:
What you need to know about the Civil Crisis in Venezuela:
Here’s What Happened in Venezuela and why we got involved:
Kentucky Bishop Blasts Covington High School Boys:
Kentucky Prosecutor Fights Back:
NYT writes sympathetic article about Hate Group that taunted the High School Boys:
Kalifornia Kraziness:Berkeley, what else?
Democrats first Bill  – HR1 – Deny Free Speech!
The Coup Continues – Obama Regime Still Making Deals and Meeting with World Leaders!

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