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In California, the main source of money into the Republican Party includes monies received from Charles Munger Jr., who writes checks for hundreds of thousands of dollars to wield his influence in the party. He bets usually on losing horses, and collects delegates so that he can manipulate the Republican Party’s direction in California. Munger, the son of a billionaire, has the money, and spends millions, and sometimes close to a hundred million, during any particular campaign season.

For some, the spending by the Palo Alto physicist is what keeps the GOP in California afloat.

“If it weren’t for Charles Munger, the California Republican Party would have been driven into the sea at this point,” said Kevin Spillane, a GOP strategist.

Others see him as a leftist infiltrator, and among the chief problems with the party. Conservatives believe that conservatism, if presented properly, wins elections. Munger disagrees.

Jorge Riley, and active Republican in Sacramento, decided to be a little critical at a Republican Party central committee meeting, and was asked to leave for daring to speak ill of the Republican Party donor.

Mr. Riley joins us today to discuss what happened, and why the GOP in California is so full of leftist infiltrators.

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