Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs: Overthrowing American Liberty

How the Left is Overthrowing American Liberty

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As President Trump continues to find himself under assault by the liberal left, as the Democrats claim they refuse to accept the election’s results, I seem to remember hearing Hillary Clinton say during a debate, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.” Didn’t she say that she would accept the election results if she lost? Granted, she was 100% convinced she was going to win, last November.

The Conservative Never Trump crowd claim that Trump is beginning to show his leftist colors based on his fight with the Freedom Caucus. If that’s the truth, why did he play a round of golf with Freedom Caucus member Senator Rand Paul? Paul said it was a fruitful outing. How is Trump’s relationship with the conservatives truly going?

War has erupted in Syria with a U.S. Strike on an airfield, and in the U.S. over Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court confirmation through nuclear means, and an expansion of the definition of the concept of civil rights in the lower courts. Is all of this constitutional?

First, however, let’s talk about Obama’s surveillance on Trump, Evelyn Farkas, and Susan Rice.

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