Thanks to the efforts of people like former President Barack Obama, and former Congress-critter Keith Ellison, Minneapolis has gone from an all-American city to a crime infested Muslim hell-hole where, with over one hundred thousand Somalis now living in Minneapolis, sharia law is on the rise, and crime is out of control.

The once bustling Mall of America in Minneapolis, the envy of malls countrywide, now is full of empty shops (rather than having a waiting list as they had once upon a time).  Shop-lifting is at an all-time high at the mall, largely with items being hidden under burkas.  Last year there was a knife fight at the Macy’s.  Rather than use the toilets, the Muslim women are using the dressing rooms to urinate and/or defecate.  While they shop, the Muslim women drop their kids off at the toy section in the mall, where the children rip open the packages, making the items impossible to sell, and then after playing with the toys leave them lying there for the employees to dispose of when mom comes back to get the little darlings.
This is Representative Ilhan Omar’s 5th District in Minnesota.  This is where Keith Ellison is now attorney general.  This is one of the places the Muslim invasion of America is making itself known, and as the area heads towards becoming a no-go zone, the neighborhoods in Omar’s congressional district have been identified by the FBI as having the highest rate of Islamist terrorist recruitment in the country.
Let’s take a stroll through the mall, shall we?

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