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“The world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change”. The world could end a lot sooner than that if it is hit by an asteroid, experiences a nuclear war set off by some dogmatically deranged tyrant or, personally and individually, by our own deaths. I believe the above talking point originated with the UN, hardly a body of objective, coherent consideration due to being packed with bombastic, Utopian ideologues and tyrants who expunge their own criminal deeds.

“98% of the world’s scientists agree that climate change is real”. To dissect this talking point: 100% of the world’s scientists would agree with that statement as presented, climate change has been going on for billions of years. If we were to discuss “man made climate change”, no measurable amount of scientists would disagree for to do so would result in being being ostracized and run out of any means of making a living by the progressive “community”. Note that “man made” proponents have never named 100% of the scientists whom they claim to cite, and will probably never name any more than a dozen. It’s a political talking point reinforced by silencing debate of any sort.

Besides, there are a plethora of predictive models that are plain incorrect, like the old adage which wondered about weather forecasters being able to keep a job for being so wrong so often. I’m still waiting for that ice age that was supposed to occur by the mid ‘80s due to predicted climate change based on a cooling trend from the 1940s. What is fact is that the world has been both warmer and cooler than it is now,

Note that American and European climate change proponents never, ever sound the alarm about the largest polluters on earth, namely China and India. we have the cleanest air in the United States than we have had in a long time. On the other hand, we could depopulate all 50 states of America and still not offset what is being done in Asia. Those facts are blatantly ignored by each and every American climate change proponent, including the very loud gaggle of current Democratic party presidential contenders.

Climate change proponents are quick to blame anything and everything on climate change: middle eastern refugees fleeing unreasoning, homicidal religious zealots somehow become climate victims, California wildfires in areas mismanaged for generations by misguided environmental policy (the underbrush used to be a lot thinner nation wide due to regularly occurring fires), tornados occurring in the long ago named tornado alley, no stretch of the imagination is too great to invoke “climate change”.

I believe the reason the progressive elite beat the climate change drum so loud is for power. To do what they say needs to be done gives tremendous governmental control over the economy and far more control of the population all in the name of “it’s what’s best for you”, which usually means individual and collective detriment.

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