Opinion by Allan McNew

Everyone knows Joe Biden is an empty sack and even if he weren’t senile would be like a far less competent Jimmy Carter. That’s why his campaign is hiding him from the public while the mainstream media and Democratic politicians hammer Trump at every invented opportunity.

However, the conservative media is letting us down as well concerning the Biden campaign. It’s no secret that whomever is picked to be Biden’s running mate will be Trump’s nominal election competition and if elected would either be Joe’s puppeteer or, in the case of Congress invoking the 25th amendment to remove Biden from office, would become Biden’s Presidential replacement. But for me the concern is all those people who are associated with the Democratic Socialists of America and their myriad satellite organizations who were part of or are sympathetic to Bernie Sander’s campaign and now are actively associated with Biden’s campaign. The conservative media has fallen flat concerning these developments.

These are inventive, diabolical, scheming people.

A scenario: Ringer A. Poser is chosen to be Biden’s running mate and Biden wins. After an interval, Biden steps down or is removed – Republicans in Congress can scarcely oppose Biden’s removal and the VP becomes President Poser. President Poser has a vacant Vice President position and Bernie Sanders is shoehorned into the slot. Either Sanders calls the shots for Poser or Poser vacates the Presidency and Sanders becomes President. This sort of thing has happened at least once in Latin America after independence from Colonial Spain.

To the communist left, which includes some members of Congress, there is no such thing as a dirty trick if they perpetrate it themselves while they squeal “unfair” like stuck hogs to anything their opposition may propose. After the DNC twice buggered Bernie out of the Democratic nomination, it may be seen as a retributory slap in the face to the Democratic Party establishment – winning by any means necessary.

Trump needs to be able to go beyond the ridiculously easy debate beat down of Biden and deal with all the curve balls, sliders and getting beaned by the hard core and very capable socialist activists in Biden’s campaign far beyond the debates.

The conservative media also need to get off their collective asses and cover the extreme socialist activists pulling the strings in the Biden campaign so the public at least has an opportunity to know that the stakes are not between Trump and Biden – it’s between Trump and Sanders.

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