By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The Real Science behind COVID 19, Facemasks, and our Economy

Recently I released a post on this site, and on my email list, about the dangers of wearing cloth face masks.  I was encouraged to do so due to the weird reactions I get from people as a result of my outright refusal to wear masks because I believe that prolonged wearing of these masks can be hazardous to my health, and they pretty much do nothing regarding a virus that is not much to be concerned about, anyway (based on the actual numbers).
The backlash has been amazing, from an employee at a friend of mine’s place of business, to family, to a woman in the Inland Empire who used to attend my constitution classes, I have been painted as heartless, mindless, reckless, irresponsible, a spreader of false propaganda, and a “flat earther.”  In one email to the lady who used to come to my constitution classes, I wrote:

I am really bothered by the fact that I believe they are harmful to my health, but I am being ordered to wear it in order to stop a virus that is a minor illness.  When did we all suddenly become germaphobes? When did the dictators in government suddenly get the authority to dictate to me what to wear?  What’s next?  An arm band?  A yellow star on my breast?  The mark of the beast?  If we are that worried about this little virus, then don’t drive.  You’ve got a greater chance of death behind the wheel.  Never mind the cases of depression, domestic violence, suicide, and bankruptcies this craziness is causing to skyrocket. 

Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.  Benjamin Franklin.

Aside from the dangers associated with wearing cloth face masks, I also believe it is not necessary because this is not a massive scary pandemic, it is just another illness working its way through our world, and it is milder than the seasonal flu and the common cold.  It is being overstated for political reasons.  In other words, we are being lied to, and the sheep have responded by wearing masks and bowing as the dictators shout orders that have no legislative or constitutional teeth.  While looking for a video to explain the science that isn’t being talked about, I came across an interesting one with Tony Robbins, fully equipped with experts in medicine and science, and one politician.  Here it is for you who have suddenly gotten very curious:

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