10 thoughts on “Why Bush Didn’t Win Nobel Peace Prize – Bush at UN

  1. I'm sure there are many here that would pay your air fare to any country of your choice. We've heard it so often, even when Bush was elected. Talk, talk talk, but you know as we do, you are so full of crap. You won't move. You just want to hear yourself talk.. If we can survive living under Obama, we'll survive living under Palin as well if she is ever elected. If Hillary decides to run as an Independent I'm voting for her. It will be a great 3 party election. :^)

  2. please outline the *specific* reasons why you would move – that's "specific" reasons – not some spun bullshit that you copied & pasted off of some liberal blog. by the way, don't think that anyone would miss you if you did move. just gtfu.

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