By Capt Joseph R. John, June 17, 2019 Op Ed # 438
At one time mumps, chicken pox, and measles were eradicated in the United States.  Now with hundreds of thousands of Illegal Aliens flooding across the wide open southern border, from every country in the world, those infectious diseases have broken out across the US. 
US Immigration and Customs Enforcement have placed 5,200 immigrants, who are infected with mumps, chicken pox, measles, and other infectious diseases, into quarantine in 39 immigrant detention centers nationwide.  The number of quarantined detainees has jumped dramatically from earlier this year; ICE Health Services reported that on March 7th, there were 2,287 detainees in quarantine for “exposure to contagious diseases”.
Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan urged lawmakers to provide the US Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection with additional funding to assist operations, calling the crisis “unlike anything our country has ever faced.” McAleenan told lawmakers this past week that the increasing number of Illegal Aliens has hurt the morale of border officials and exposed them to sicknesses. “Their morale is impacted. They’re tired. A lot of them have gotten sick. They’ve been exposed to flu, chicken pox, measles, mumps –all kinds of challenges in terms of the medical care,” McAleenan said. “They’re spending time overnight in hospitals instead of patrolling the border.”
With no proof to back up unsubstantiated allegations, the left of center liberal media establishment has been trying to blame the new scourge of measles, chicken pox, mumps, and other infectious diseases spreading throughout the United States, on parents.  False media reports stated, parents have suddenly decided to stop inoculating their children to protect them from infectious diseases.
It is a well known fact that many Illegal Aliens have never been inoculated to protect themselves from contagious diseases.   The entering Illegal Aliens infected with contagious disease, who were not quarantined, is the reason why infectious diseases are spreading in the interior of the United States.  American parents are not responsible for the spread of infectious diseases that irresponsible media outlets keep reporting on.     
The US Border Patrol reported that in May 2019, 144,000 Illegal Aliens were interdicted at the wide open southern border.  The US Border Patrol only interdicts 1/3 of the Illegal Aliens crossing the wide open southern border, so in May 2019, 288,000 undetected Illegal Aliens entered the United States, and a percentage of them have been infected with contagious diseases.  
Last week over one hundred Illegal Alien family members and single adults from the Ebola-stricken Democratic Republic of Congo, illegally crossed into the southern border towns of Eagle Pass and Del Rio seeking asylum.  They were not quarantined, instead, they were dumped on the streets of San Antonio, as daily, thousands of Illegal Aliens from all over the world are being dumped on city streets of  many different communities across the United States. 
The Washington Examiner reported that roughly 300 Congolese and Angola citizens who arrived in San Antonio, after they crossed the wide open southern border, quickly departed from San Antonio for unknown destinations throughout the nation.  Christina Higgs, the Catholic Charities Spokesperson, said Africans are spending several months in transit in Brazil, then they head north to enter the US.   Catholic Charities supports the entry of Illegal Aliens for Africa, because they receive federal payments to resettle those Illegal Aliens.
Congress continues to deny that there is a public health and illegal immigration humanity crisis at the wide open southern border.  The dangers posed to the public health of America citizens (especially to public school students), due to infectious diseases being spread by entering Illegal Aliens, has been covered up by the irresponsible left of center liberal media establishment.  
Congress continues to refuse to pass legislation to fund the expansion of detention facilities, the purchase of more beds for infected Illegal Aliens with contagious diseases, or to erect secure barriers to stop hundreds of thousands of Illegal Aliens from entering the United States.  Those refusals have prevented the ability of Customs and Border Protection from screening hundreds of thousands of Illegal Aliens for contagious diseases, and that has also been covered up by the irresponsible left of center liberal media establishment.
Liberal Judges continue to impose injunctions against the Trump administration, the US Border Patrol, and the Customs and Border Protection’s actions to stop the flow of hundreds of thousands of Illegal Aliens from entering the US.  Appeals filed to override those injunctions are winding their way thru the appellant court system, and may take years to mitigate those injunctions.
Epidemics of infectious diseases that normally sweep across Central America are now sweeping across Mexico because of the numerous caravans streaming north across Mexico to the southern border of the US.  Mexican Health Care professionals have been warning their population about the spread of the influenza, measles, mumps, typhus, syphilis, tuberculosis, and chicken pox.  Illegal Aliens who haven’t been inoculated for infectious diseases, have been interdicted and detained with influenza, measles, mumps, typhus, chicken pox, tuberculous, scalia, rubella, smallpox, and even malaria..
Some Illegal Alien children entering the US, transport mosquitos in their clothing, and some of those mosquitos carry infectious diseases.   Some mosquitos transmit yellow fever, and a deadly enterovirus, EV-D68; EV-D68 has been responsible for at least 14 deaths in the US.  Some infectious diseases are also transmitted by insects in clothing, include insects that spread dengue fever. 
The US Nationality Act requires the enforcement of US Federal Quarantine Laws.  Those Quarantine Laws were once enforced meticulously on Ellis Island, where every single immigrant was screened for infectious diseases before they were allowed to enter the US. 
Because of the Catch and Release Court Decision imposed by liberal judges, the massive influx of thousands of Illegal Aliens daily, normal law enforcement duties, the need to carefully deal with small children and babies, delivery of sick and pregnant Illegal Aliens to hospitals,  the shipment of thousands of Illegal Aliens by busses and planes to the interior of the US, etc., US Quarantine Laws are not being uniformly enforced to determine if Illegal Aliens have infectious diseases. 
Therefore an unknown number of interdicted Illegal Aliens, who should have been quarantined, but were not, enter the US daily, and 2/3rd of Illegal Aliens aren’t even being interdicted to determine if they have infectious diseases.  US Border Patrol Agents are being infected by Illegal Aliens with contagious diseases, such as influenza, scalia, tuberculosis, chicken pox, measles, and mumps, and according to recent news reports, many of those infectious diseases are spreading to the general population of the US.  
DHS officials have stated that the sheer volume of Illegal Aliens coming across the border has overwhelmed health facilities, and that they are losing control at the border.   Unfortunately, the Democrat controlled Congress refuses take any action at all, to stop the massive influx of Illegal Aliens, and to prevent the very serious Public Health crisis that is developing within the United States. 
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Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62
Capt    USN(Ret)/Former FBI
Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC
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Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!”
-Isaiah 6:8
June 14, 2019
Thousands Detained At Border Carrying Contagious Diseases Into US
Written by Carmine Sabia
Everyone is concerned about the outbreaks of mumps, chicken pox and measles, diseases that we thought were eradicated.
And they were eradicated, in the United States. But now that Democrats have opened the gates and allowed everyone in, the diseases are back.
They have attempted to blame the trend to not get your children vaccinated but now it appears the diseases are coming from Central America, CNN reported.
US Immigration and Customs Enforcement has placed 5,200 adult immigrants in quarantine after being exposed to mumps or chicken pox, a dramatic jump from just a few months ago, the agency says.
ICE has recorded cases of either mumps or chicken pox in 39 immigrant detention centres nationwide, an ICE official tells CNN.
Of the 5,200 detainees in quarantine across those centres, around 4,200 are for exposure to mumps. Around 800 were exposed to chicken pox and 100 have been exposed to both.
The Department of Homeland Security has repeatedly warned of the toll the increasing number of migrants at the border has taken on the department. This week, Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan urged lawmakers for additional funding to assist operations, calling the crisis “unlike anything our country has ever faced.”
In May, nearly 144,000 migrants were apprehended by Customs and Border Protection — the majority of whom were families and unaccompanied children. Many of them turn themselves in to Border Patrol.
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Just because individuals are quarantined doesn’t mean they have the mumps, but they’ve at least been exposed to it. From September 2018 to June 13, 297 people in ICE custody had confirmed cases of mumps, proven by blood test…
The agency has previously dealt with contagious diseases, like the measles, the flu and chicken pox, but last September was the first time the agency recorded mumps cases. It’s not clear where the disease derived from or how it spread. Seventy-five percent of the immigrants coming into ICE custody come from the border, though immigrants might also interact with inmates at jails, some of which also hold immigrants.
“I think there is heightened interest in this situation because it’s the mumps, which is a new occurrence in custody, but preventing the spread of communicable disease in ICE custody is something we have demonstrated success doing,” , ICE executive associate director for enforcement and removal operations, Nathalie Asher said.
“From an operational perspective, the impact is significant in the short and long term and will result in an increase in cohered detainees’ length of stay in detention, an inability to effect removal of eligible cohered detainees, and postponing scheduled consular interviews for quarantined detainees,” Asher said.

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