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It has been about a month, now, since Hamas crossed into Israel and viciously murdered any Israeli citizen they could, killing families in their homes, chopping the heads off of babies, and burning women and children alive.  Members of the Palestinian terrorist group, Hamas, called home to brag how many Jews they killed, acting as exterminators who see the lives of the people they were slaying to be less valuable than the animals in the field.  They are convinced that the Jews are occupiers, even though the strip of land called Israel was never fully occupied by Arabs during the reign of the Ottoman Empire, or since.  Even during the height of Islamic power in the region, Christians and Jews remained as residents in the land they now call, Israel.

When Israel became a nation Arabs were not slain and removed from their homes to make way for the Jewish State as Islam advertises.  Many of the Jews were already there, either residing in the region prior to World War II, or moving into the area as refugees during and after the war.

Even today, Muslims live within Israel.  Muslims who live outside of Israel have been commuting into the country to work, earning a better living than they would if they were employed by their homelands under Islamic rule.  Muslims live and work in Israel, they worship at mosques that exist in Israel, women in Israel are free to work and operate in public as they wish, Bibles in the hands of Christians are read freely and Christians worship freely, and both Muslims and Christians even hold political positions in Israel’s parliament, the Knesset.  However, no Jews live freely in Muslim countries.  No churches or synagogues are allowed in Muslim countries.  No Bibles, Torahs, or any other Jewish or Christian writings are allowed in any of the Muslim countries except on rare occasions where they are monitored closely by the government.  Any non-Muslims in Islamic countries are treated as infidels, must pay a tax for living in those regions, and are treated as second-class citizens.  Yet, Israel is the country accused of being an apartheid system?  Israel is the country being called upon to pause their fighting?  Jews are the ones being called the oppressors?  One doesn’t have to be religious, or even politically conscious, to recognize the idiocy we are watching.  Hamas, Hezbollah, and any of their supporters in any of the Palestinian territories, or beyond, are savages.  They are murderers.  They are liars.  And in view of the teachings of the Koran, the Hadiths, and the eyes of the Islamic leaders of pretty much all of the Muslim countries around the world, and Muslims infesting countries that exist in the Free World, they are good Islamic warriors doing the work of Allah and securing their place in Heaven.

Meanwhile, you have the Democratic Party and a number of GOP accomplices bending over backwards to be as anti-Israel as possible, some of them hoping that you won’t notice.  These are the people who used surveillance to spy on President Trump, his supporters and even Senate staffers and then lied about it to the world.  These are the people who launched the Russia-gate scheme covertly, and then lied about it to the world.  These are the people jailing and convicting January 6 Trump Supporters who walked over to The Capitol and arrived after the false flag had been waved and leftwing plants had created an “insurrection” scene, even though it wasn’t.  These are the people ruining the lives of Trump supporters, attendees of the January 6 rally, anti-abortion advocates and anyone else they see as the enemy because these people dare to show disagreement with the America they are trying to fundamentally change the United States into.  And now, with Israel, the leftists in the Swamp, some of them Republicans, and pretty much all of the Democratic Party, have put us in a position where World War IV (World War III is already in play with China’s internal war against the United States and The West) is looming on the horizon, and they have set it up in such a way that they will gain even more political power in the process, and get rich off of it at the same time.  They do not care about protecting Americans here or in the Middle East, they do not care about your liberty or that terrorists are crossing the border without any obstacles standing in their way, and they definitely don’t care if Israel survives as a sovereign Jewish state.  Americans and Jews in Israel have been taken hostage.  Americans and Jews in Israel have been killed.  And they don’t care.  The intelligence failure was intentional.  The Biden Administration is complicit with the cyber-attack conducted by Iran, Russia and China to bring down Israel’s state-of-the-art security system around their border so that Hamas could just waltz in and start slaughtering people.

Israel under Prime Minister Netanyahu, fortunately, is willing to do what they must for what is right, and in their case, for the survival of Israel.  While the Biden Administration is asking for a pause in the fighting, Netanyahu knows that a cease-fire simply allows Muslim warriors for Hamas and Hezbollah to regroup, reequip, and prepare for another series of attacks against Israel.  Netanyahu’s Israeli Defense Force, IDF, are in Gaza, and they have breached the tunnels under the region that the cowards of Hamas use.  The gutless warriors of Hamas use women and children as shields, and hid their headquarters under a hospital while filling homes, hospitals, and other targets that would normally be taboo for Israeli forces to hit with their equipment, guns, ammunition, and reprehensible group of cowards they call warriors.

Now, Iran is warning that if Israel keeps responding to Hezbollah’s attacks in the north from south Lebanon, they will get involved too.  Iran is already involved.  They are the largest sponsor of terror in the Middle East, aside from Russia and China.  This is their war.  This is their operation.  And now they dare to threaten Israel for responding to the senseless slaughter of their own people in their homes?

Iran will make sure that this does not end anytime soon.  This is indeed Israel’s war for survival.  The goal is to not stop until every Jew is killed, and then as they say, after they finish off the “Saturday People,” Islam will change tactics worldwide and start targeting the “Sunday People;” which means going house to house in places like America burning families alive, chopping the heads off of your children, and setting everything uniquely American and Christian ablaze.

This is a full-fledge war, and while I believe a part of the strategy is to draw us into a drawn-out Middle East War, we cannot do the opposite extreme, either.  The Biden Administration is reacting as if it is a small issue, and they think they can appease certain groups, and give themselves the headlines they desire if they can just dance around the circle of fire in a certain way.  Their goal is not to do the right thing, and to target the savage animals of Hamas and Hezbollah.  Their goal is to do whatever they think will increase their power, put more money in their pocket, and dwindle the population of their enemies in Israel and Conservative-Christian America.

The America I grew up in, and the one that would be in place if Trump was President, would be gathering intel, preparing for the next chapter in this situation, and telling Israel, “We are in this fight with you.  We are your ally, we have treaties with you, and as a freedom-loving country we will do what we can to protect you from the clutches of the savages that claim they are killing you in the name of Allah.”

War is not a tippy-toe obstacle course, or something that should be waged at the pleasure of power-seekers and profiteers.  War is simple.  Kill the enemy, or they kill you.  Target and take out the ones targeting you, or you lose.  And it is not something that can be done quickly.  This will not end this year, and probably not next year.  While I have a sneaky suspicion the timing right before our election year is not a coincidence, that doesn’t mean that suddenly everyone will lay down their arms after election day.  Islam, as long as they think it is in the will of Allah, will not stop, will show no mercy, and will continue to fight until either they push every Jew into a grave, or until they decide Allah wants them to stop and regroup.

They have been planning this.  They have been preparing for decades.  And I am willing to bet it got delayed by the election of Trump, because they knew better than to pull this kind of violence during Trump’s term as President of the United States.  Now that they are in action, they are not going to suddenly quit because Israel pauses, or because Biden’s Democrats claim we need to just all get along under a six-stripe rainbow flag.  They are in this for the long-haul.  Israel, and anyone who helps them, will not succeed in wiping out Hamas quickly.  They are entrenched, and they have plenty of young indoctrinated Muslim youths ready to step in as needed.  And, as we think we are gaining ground, they will get more brutal, more violent, and more brazen.

If the Biden regime, or his allies, remain in control of the United States Government, this war will spill into the United States.  Islam is willing and able to launch attacks here, domestically, against Americans.  A retired CIA friend of mine told me that thanks to the open-border policy of the Democrats, over 250 terrorist cells are in place in the United States, and most of the terrorists are hidden deep within American society.  An open-border means we don’t know who exactly is here, where they are, and how they are operating.  Most of the people crossing the border are OTMs (Other Than Mexican) and are young, military age, men.

What is the solution?  We need to get Trump back into office, we need to expose the enemy within and the enemy entering in, and we need to make sure we are armed to the teeth because a physical fight may be on the horizon right here in the United States.  I used to tell my buddies who are convinced a civil war or violent war of some other kind was inevitable in America that that is a last resort, and I, of course, wish to educate and take other actions first if it is at all possible to restore our republic in that manner.  Now, while I am not one-hundred percent convinced war on our soil is inevitable, I will say that all of my magazines are fully loaded, and all of my revolvers are ready to rock and roll.  What is the solution to all of this?  Restoration of the Constitution.  How will it be accomplished?  I used to believe solely through education, petitions, marches, and taking steps to restore the republican mechanisms of our system piece by piece.  Now, I am realizing that a little gun-play may also be appearing on the horizon of the whole process.  I am an optimist, but I am also a realist, and the reality is, the enemy is playing for keeps, and they have stepped up their game.

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