By Allan McNew

I previously wrote about repealing the 17th and 16th amendments, but
would like to elaborate on taxation.

17th amendment

The power to tax is the power to destroy. Without elaborating further
than the IRS persecution of certain political groups prior to the 2012
election cycle, there is a lot of potentially coercive power available
to a government through taxation – if “they” don’t like you, “they” can
destroy you.

But, how would the federal government function if direct, progressive
income taxation is denied the federal government?

I don’t pretend to be an economist but it seems simple to me. The state  
governments, on a flat percentage of their economies, pay the Federal
government a small, flat rate levy based on each individual state’s
economy, perhaps some measure of prosperity of the average middle class
citizen. Congress would then would have an interest in the economic
health of each state’s citizens while protecting against multinational
corporations plundering and selling out America to foreign interests,
such as the Chinese Communist Party with its fascist, crony capitalist
version of modern day mercantilism.

The states could raise this revenue in a manner arrived by their
individual legislature, not blood sucking, ideological bureaucrats in a
federal agency.

Perhaps in the case of dispute of grave interest to the state, by ¾ vote
of the full legislature the individual states could hold back their
remittances to the federal government until the dispute is resolved or
by a one case at a time, non precedence setting Supreme Court ruling as
is the Constitutional method of resolving disputes between the states
and the feds – not unconstitutionally in District Court like former AG
Eric Holder liked to do.

While we’re at it, we could remove the Executive branch administration
departments from making law by fiat, rendering their rulings to be
suggestions to be debated and approved or dismissed by Congress. This
would help general matters quite a bit by giving Congress something to
do besides incessantly inserting themselves into every minute detail of
our lives.

The Tenth Amendment tell me that the powers not expressly spelled out
within the Constitution is reserved for the states or the people. They
are not to usurped by the federal government,

Since the western states were strong armed out of control of vast swaths
of their territories by Federal terms and conditions of becoming states,
perhaps those territories could be remanded back to the states to
administer with the Federal government retaining relatively small
properties necessary for buildings, ports and military installations.

What about all the displaced federal workers? There are other jobs which
would be available in the private and other public sectors, but
government of any kind isn’t supposed to be an employment agency and
they might have to demonstrate real world competency beyond their
posteriors form fitting a chair while filling out endless forms between
breaks and vacation for 4o years. One sarcastic suggestion would be for
Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and “Swiftmouth John” Kerry to find them jobs
coding or making solar panels after they themselves have been booted out
of office, of course.

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