Liberty is like Free Will, and there are consequences to bad decisions. Doug explains in this video.

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One thought on “Rights, Change, and Lifestyles

  1. As far as government is concerned, marriage is a term that describes a specific contract. Contracts require three things to be legal – an offer, an acceptance and a consideration. In the contract of marriage, a man and a woman – and it must be a man and a woman – agree that, in the creation of children, the resources of their bodies will only be used with the other party to the contract. Everything else springs from that root. It does not require the production of children nor does it prohibit adoption. What it does require is the reasonable expectation that the two parties to the contract are able to create children with the resources of their bodies in the normal course of events.

    It is my opinion that the SCOTUS erred egregiously in their presumption that they could arrogate to themselves the power of legislation through redefinition. I think they destroyed the rule of law and the nation when they did so. What we are seeing now is the reasonable consequences of that decision continuing to go unchallenged by Congress. (I did write to the Rep at the time and asked him to introduce legislation stating that "Words used in writing the law must be held to mean what they meant at the time that the law was written." to counter that seizure of legislative power but he did not do so.

    So to say that same sex couples have the right to ask the SCOTUS to suborn the dictionary, destroying the rule of law in the process is, in my opinion, in error. Same sex couples should have found a word that described their union, specifically, and gone through the legislative process rather than using the court as a shortcut.

    And for those who are so keen in administering the death penalty for rape and incest, maybe they should make sure that punishment is applied to the person who committed the crime rather than their innocent victims.

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