There seems to be a lot of questions about if there is a difference between Constitutional Originalism Citizenship and Amendment 14 Citizenship. Does the Fourteenth Amendment’s Citizenship Clause make you a national? Shouldn’t you be a citizen of your State, first? Is Citizen a bad word that means you are enslaved, or an employee of some grand American Corporation? Or is it a term used by the Founding Fathers to combat what was going on in the Old World European Ruling Elite Monarchies? Lots of questions for a very complex issue, so this video is a bit longer than usual, but necessarily so.

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One thought on “Mr. Constitution: Citizenship

  1. Lookin good, Mr. Gibbs. The new background is good. When I sent an objection to my state's government accountability board (Or it may have been a legislator to whom I was speaking – it was a while ago and I was generally treated shamefully for questioning it at all.) about the natural born citizen requirement, they scolded me and asked if I thought it was fair to have that kind of distinction between natural born and plain citizen. I said " since the only thing it affects is their eligibility for president, yes, I think it is totally okay. There is a reason to have that distinction for that office."

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