Political Pistachio’s Douglas V. Gibbs explains how the federal government is not following the law of the land (that would be the U.S. Constitution) by failing to secure the borders and enforce immigration laws. Illegal aliens are committing a felony with repeated entry, and sanctuary cities are aiding and abetting the enemy.


9 thoughts on “Immigration and the U.S. Constitution

  1. Record number of illegal immigrants REPORTING their employers with the WE CAN HELP program. FINALLY, holding employers accountable for exploiting all alien peoples & letting the tax payers pick up the tab! It is greedy businesses that want us fighting – this is NOT ABOUT RACE! PLEASE REPORT YOUR EMPLOYER – WE CAN HELP PROGRAM WILL HELP YOU!

  2. One problem is that immigration is confused with UNLAWFUL ENTRY.

    An immigrant is a foreigner who enters the U.S. in accordance with IMMIGRATION laws.

    If you call illegals immigrants, then so too were the Nazis who invaded France in WW II.

  3. @zookeeper220 that sucks. Sorry to hear it. Our president and congress are more worried about their rights than yours becasue they want the vote from those who support illegals and the illegals when they get amnesty

  4. Don't be mad at the illegals their just doing what they get away with just like Obama, till we hold Obama responsible for his oath of office we can't hold illegals responsible for anything. Responsibility is a trick down ethic.

  5. That same idea of naturalization and border protection was used by Abraham Lincoln to start the civil war against succeeding states. Which in itself was a constitutional hypocrisy. I do think we need a stronger border but your argument can be torn apart easily.

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