Passed and Signed by Biden, the Respect for Marriage Act repeals the Defense of Marriage Act and provides statutory support for homosexual marriage. Religious leaders warn it targets people of faith. Mr. Constitution explains the implications, and constitutionality, of the law.

Douglas V. Gibbs “Mr. Constitution”


2 thoughts on “H.R. 8404 Respect for Marriage Act & The Constitution

  1. The term "marriage" has a very specific meaning. The SCOTUS was egregiously in error to say otherwise. IF same sex couples wanted the same legislative benefits that married people have, they should have found/made a different term to describe their relationship and gone through the legislative process to get them – just like married people did.
    That the SCOTUS arrogated to themselves the ability to legislate through redefinition, has does great harm to us all because it destroys the rule of law.

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