This interview occurred July 30, 2022 and was premiered at the Constitution Association Annual Dinner meeting on September 17, 2022 in Murrieta, California. I had planned, once my website is updated, to make this video only available to subscribers, but it went so well I wish to share it with everyone. Premium content at should launch during the first quarter of 2023. Griffin is the author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, the book that reveals the full story about how the Federal Reserve was created, and how power players in history have used our monetary system to systematically steal from us our republic, constitutional foundation, and place America’s financials into the hands of international bankers and a global cabal. The interview primarily revolves around the story of what led Mr. Griffin to write the book, and the impact it had afterward. His final message is to the crowd at the annual dinner, but it is really to all Americans: How do we fix the problems resulting from the Federal Reserve and other statist mechanisms that have placed our American System in the hands of tyrants?

Douglas V. Gibbs, Mr. Constitution

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4 thoughts on “G. Edward Griffin, Author Creature From Jekyll Island, Interview, Douglas V. Gibbs, Mr. Constitution

  1. Thank you for doing this vid Doug! I've had this book for 20 yrs now and it was a HUGE eye opener for me! Ed Griffin spells it out in such HUGE detail it's hard to believe even, but just sit back and think about it and it all makes total sense! We have been and are being SCAMMED!!!

  2. Wow, Bravo to you both! Doug when Dan, Gary and I were in that same living room we were just as intent in listening and pleased to be listening as you seemed to be, to G. Edward

    G. His early black and white 16mm documentary films were also from that room. Thanks for that 1% interview to inspire at least 15% of our Patriots. How about an encore interview with Alan there also?

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