For the Republic

Sunday 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Hosts: Alan Myers and Douglas V. Gibbs “Mr. Constitution”

Here’s my recommendations for tonight’s show topics…


Snow White: “Prince Charming is a literal stalker.”

Barack Obama’s Brother: “I’m all in for Trump in 2024.”

Climate Change? Nope, it’s a volcano.

The Continuing Saga of Jack Smith’s Targeting of Opposition Goes Back Many Years.

Were Maui Fires Deliberately Set?

Historic Lahaina church miraculously untouched by Maui wildfires

European Union politician boasts opposition “disciplined” into Falling in Line

Dershowitz: “Dem January 6th Precedent can be used by GOP against Hunter Biden”

Four Articles of Impeachment Filed Against Biden

Trump: “There will be no plea deals.”

Biden ATF Targeting Private Gun Sales

Judge appointed by Obama rolls eyes, places head in hands, over political nature of case against Trump

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