5 thoughts on “Ep 006: Constitution Podcast – Corruption of Blood

  1. The REPUBLICAN'S were not slavers ! The REPUBLICAN party was started to end the dumbacraps unlawful slavery in American constitutional REPUBLIC ( where it is and always has been unlawful to discriminate against anyone by race,sex or religion ( slavery was always unlawful not made illegal in the 1800 a propagandized in public school )! the civil war was to end the dumbacraps unlawful slavery ( the only real dumbacrap is a rich whitesupremist racist sexist bohemian mason man) !
    But the dumbacrap is promoting reparations as a poltical issue to muddy the waters ( about ghe dumbacrap being the only unlawful slavers in the American constitutional REPUBLIC, but if reparations are to be paid ,only the dumbacrap should pay them as they were the only slavers !

  2. First of all. who started this African slavery narrative anyway? Secondly, why aren't 'white people' seeking to get to the truth about slavery so you can be exonerated. It's like an innocent person refusing to speak up for their innocence which is an admission of guilt.That person should be convicted fully for that crime even though innocent. Now, I don't believe that owning slaves is a sin but you you guys have declared that slavery to be the ultimate sin, but God allows my people(Hebrews) to own slaves. For now you can own slaves if the law allows but that is going to end very soon. Then it will be our time to own slaves and many will look like you. If your people are convicted of anything it won't be for slavery but you will be punished for other crimes against the Hebrew people. In case you haven't figured it out yet, it is us(the so-called African Americans) that are the Chosen People. Reparations mean nothing to me. You have bigger things to worry about than reparations for slavery like, how did you treat us during our oppression here in our own land.

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