4 thoughts on “Daily Dose: U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Illegal Immigrants

  1. I'm stunned, and delighted, at the recent 9-0 rulings. It makes me wonder if there aren't "forces" behind the scenes to which we are not privy (i.e., Donald Trump? An under-the-sheets Insurrection Act?). So, we actually stand an ice cube's chance in hell to save this nation. One of my biggest concerns with the election audits was that they were going to end up being mute if the illegals were going to be allowed to vote. Let's face it, they opened up the boarder for the purpose of allowing Biden voters to come in. The Left knew that after the 2020 election heist that they weren't going to be able to pull that off a second time. They needed actual voters. With this phenomenal immigration ruling, these illegals won't be able to vote legally. We the People have to fight for election integrity on all hills because there are a lot of them.

    What I'm not clear about is that the SCOTUS rejected several lawsuits about the 2020 election, mostly claiming that the plaintiffs didn't have standing. I'm now wondering if they rejected those cases because the individual states currently manage their elections individually according to the Constitution. Right? Is that why the SCOTUS wouldn't touch those cases? My understanding is that each state currently requires full citizenship to vote. Is that correct? If that's the case, then the state legislatures could, theoretically, change their state law to allow non-citizens to vote? So, it would depend on the strength of each individual state's legislative leanings (i.e., red or blue) as to whether they could pull off such a ruse? I would think regardless of a state's legislative leanings that it would be a difficult change to pull off in allowing non-citizens to vote. The people would go ballistic.

    What I'm trying to gauge is our current elections positioning considering this fantastic ruling. Are there still open doors for non-citizens to vote? If so, how many do we have floating out there? If all the doors are shut, is it a matter of We the People being vigilant in protecting the polls and removing the corrupt SOS's and AG's and removing Dominion and other flagrant practices from our elections? We can do that! Harris said to back away, so the illegals must be of no use to them in elections.

    Thank you for all you do, Douglas, in educating the people about our most precious Constitution.

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