The Republicans claim the Democrats are lying and they should stop. The Democrats claim the GOP is lying, and that they should be silenced. Do we even have a First Amendment anymore?

Douglas V. Gibbs, Mr. Constitution, explains. and


4 thoughts on “Daily Dose: Political Lies and Free Speech

  1. This aliens speech has been allowed to shut down Free Speech, but God will not allow this regime to continue much longer.
    You keep fighting this fight,we are right there with you. You have to educate these people one at a time with the definition of Free Speech and propaganda, but I don't think it matters to them, because they are listening to MSM and Big Tech and the Chuck Schumer's and pelosi's of Congress and they believe the talking points and their mouths are prayer books.
    This virus has been weaponized against All Truth, and I will be blowing up the phone in my State Representatives about title 230 too shut down Big Tech and they better find a way to get the Truth out to the American people who are being fed propaganda about the election results, virus, January 6, and open borders. This is like a train wreck and you can't look away any longer. This starts in our cities locally, with the news stories and school board meeting's,city council meeting's,we all need to be attending with a family members and friends one meeting at a time. The Mom's of mask children fighting back is what I see that both sides agree with. God bless you and safe travels 💖🇺🇲🙏🕯️🕊️

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